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Toxicology Conference:

On behalf of the Allied Academies, we welcome you all to the Global Toxicology Conference.

The Toxicology Conference provides opportunities for delegates and speakers to exchange new ideas and application experiences, establish business or research relationships, and find global partners for future collaboration. This event will focus on various important topics of toxicology and pharmacology.

The Toxicology Conference is a forum for toxicology experts in the fields of biology, chemistry and medicine to deal with the study of adverse effects caused by living organisms due to certain chemicals. Toxicology conferences include the research interest of a scientist dedicated to toxicity tests, including the measurement of estimated amounts of drugs and other foreign compounds in biological and related samples to help in the diagnosis, diagnosis prevention and treatment of toxicity. The importance of their evaluation lies with their ability to identify toxic effects of substances that cause birth defects, cancer and other adverse health hazards.


The global market value for toxicity testing is projected to reach $ 5.1 billion by 2020, as it grows at a five-year CAGR of 15.4% . Currently, it holds about 30% share in the overall toxicology testing market. North America has the largest share of revenue over 40%, followed by a 30% market share in Europe. Approximately 99% of usage in a given market is seen in three main areas namely ADME, safety pharmacology and genotoxicity.

 working in toxicology laboratories are specialized scientists or medical persons with knowledge of symptoms, mechanisms, treatments and detection of toxins. Advances in biotechnology and molecular biology have led to major improvements in the assessment of health risks caused by potentially toxic chemicals. These advances are also reducing the need for animal testing by developing more laboratory tests based on human cells.

Toxicology conferences
include the results and outcomes of tests conducted for various human reactions to drug molecules. Some examples are systemic toxicity, liver toxicity, renal toxicity and neurotoxicity.

This series of
toxicology studies will explore a number of methodological approaches, which may be highly informative to the toxicology community, studying new approaches to developmental toxicological systems, characterization of developmental outcomes, and development of potential interventions. Are clinically relevant. Exploring both staple and state-of-the-art approaches, events focus on multiple cellular models, animal models, in vitro, approaches to assess morphological changes at the molecular level using whole embryos and specific outcome mechanisms.

International Toxicology Conference is accredited with a CME certificate that enables one with a practical career. The student will be awarded a certificate that will indicate the knowledge reconstructed in recent research in your respective field. CPD certification is meant to enlighten professionals to authorize their expertise in a structured and established approach to acquiring knowledge.

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