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Physics Conferences:

Allied Academies Conferences courteously welcomes you all to the wide range of novel Physics Conferences organized every year to serve the Global Scientific community in the advancement and evolution of Physics.

Over the years Allied Academies have been conducting conferences on various aspects related to the science that we encounter in our day-to-day life. These conferences extend-over assorted specialities and promising aspects of broad subject areas. They are designed to provide a platform for networking, discussion as well to generate new initiatives and research in various sub-fields of Physics.

With the front-running theme of “Exploring, Endorsing and Engrossing Physicists” Allied Academies organizes conferences that are epitomes of the various developments and evolution in the field of Physics.


Growth of Physics research and its impact on our life. Until a few decades ago, research in physics was single streamed, however, over the recent years physics has branched itself as a multidisciplinary science. With emerging fields such as network science or biological, boundaries are eroding, and it is common for researchers to extend their work to multiple areas.

It was suggested in the early years that the worldwide market for Physics would reach around £3.4 billion by 2015. As indicated by the market forecasters of BCC research, the global market for Physics-based industries have reached far more than the estimation even by 2010, about £4.3 billion and the calculation reached around £6.2 billion by 2015, proportionate to the annual growth of 7.7%. With the applications of physics in the field of Medical imaging systems, the world market for physics is estimated to improve with an approximate yearly development of 9.3% a year.

The Quantum industry has an estimated market value of €400m in 2020, However, recent analysis suggests that the quantum industry will be worth more than €1bn by 2028. This evaluation includes the fields of quantum sensing and quantum communications – but not quantum computing. The market for quantum computing alone is expected to grow at over 20% CAGR with sales exceeding $2 billion sometime in the early to mid-2020s.

The BBC review report states that the global commercial quantum computing market is expected to reach around $1.3 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 52.9% from 2022 to 2027 and $161 million by 2022 from $33.0 million in 2017 at a CAGR of 37.3% for the period 2017-2022. The global market for material physics is expected to rise from USD 1.19 Billion in 2016 to USD 2.25 Billion by the year 2025. All the above reports are visible shreds of evidence for the increasing demand and need for improvement in the field of Physics.

Physics is a relatively broader and well-developed subject area that encompasses the concepts of force, energy, mass, and charge. Acknowledgement of the various fields in Physics leads to a better understanding of the natural world and often translates and influences the other sciences. Despite the many important discoveries that have been made during the past centuries, there are quite a few questions in the field that are yet to be disclosed.

Advancements in the field can be done either through theoretical analysis or experimental research. Both theories, the assembly of a conceptual framework and experiment, observation and analysis of the phenomena under critical conditions that are controlled precisely, play a crucial role in the advancement of physics. The Single purpose of both theory and Experiments is to find laws that govern the principal concepts that Physics encloses, matter, motion, and energy at both microscopic and macroscopic levels. This ultimate goal can be reached only by the disseminating relevant theory and Experiment in the field of physics.

For the past years, Allied Academies has been organizing conferences that meet the current demand and necessity for development in the field of Physics from Quantum physics, Material physics, Particle physics, Magnetic physics to Applied physics. The ultimate motive of our Physics conferences is to assemble Physicists all around the globe who contribute towards both theory and experiment under a single roof to help annunciate research that impacts everyday life in societies around the world. Join us and contribute to the thriving demand for growth in the field of Physics.

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