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Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. It is famous for its tropical beaches, rich royal palaces, ancient ruins and colourful Buddha temples. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. The borders of Thailand to the north lie with Myanmar and Laos; the south with the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to the east with Laos and Cambodia; the south with the Andaman Sea; and the southeast with Myanmar to the west.


Thailand is a joy of Southeast Asia, also known as the Land of the Smiles. Thailand is a country with opportunities for once-in - a-lifetime trips, developed sufficiently for maximum comfort and yet still wild enough for an uninterrupted path adventure. Thailand will not disappoint, regardless of whether you begin with the world-class beaches in the south and the mountain villages in the north.

Till you've walked in the mountains or enjoyed some faciality with elephants or the bold monk (who will steal your lunch as soon as you look at it) you've never seen it. Cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai are busy hives of activity and trade. The attractions of Thailand are diverse, and each provides a memorable and satisfying experience.

The Krabi province has some of the best-known beach resorts in Thailand, and Railay is plant cream. Railay is widely regarded as one of the best beaches in the country with white sand, clear blue water and the sense of being a part of paradise. Each visitor in Thailand looks forward to delicious and cheap food on Chiang Mai's Sunday Night Walking Road. Specifically, the western region close to the border of Burma, North Thailand is marked by the rugged and beautiful mountainous jungle ground.

The Old City of Sukhothai is a World Heritage Site, with many investments to restore and maintain one of the most important historic sites in Thailand.

Health and Medical Facilities:

Health and Medical Facilities: Bangkok has numerous clinics and hospitals catering to a variety of needs. Major public and private hospitals are equipped with the latest medical technology and internationally qualified specialists. Almost all pharmaceuticals are widely available.

The BDMS network is at the heart of medical research in Thailand. In order to make additional advancement of the country’s medical community, they provide substantial support for education and training, allowing clinical personnel to improve their specialized skills in services and research. As part of the BDMS group, the Bangkok Health Research Center (BHRC) facilitates health research activities at both clinical and pre-clinical stages in order to meet the clinical needs of both our local and international patients across the BDMS network. Close collaborations with other leading hospitals worldwide are also essential, and state-of-the-art medical technology is available at our hospitals to help facilitate this learning process. They take great pride in the knowledge of our physicians who are dedicated to breaking new grounds in the field of medicine.

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