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Allied Academies every year hostsinterdisciplinary international conferences in Taiwan oncutting-edge basic and applied research in life sciences, Pharma, Medicine, Healthcareand Nursing deliveredby the best talents in industry and academia. Our conferences are oriented todrive the scientific community at large, facilitating access to the newesttechnical and scientific achievements and to shape future research directionsthrough the publication of applied and theoretical research findings of thehighest quality. 


Well known research centre inTaiwan:

The National Taiwan UniversityHospital (NTUH), a university affiliated hospital and a medical centre, the medicalresearch is one of the core missions.

NTUH's dedication to medicalresearch has achieved many clinical recognitions over the years, both globallyand in Asia. Notable achievements include pioneer research in hepatitis, lungcancer, organ transplantation, cancer diagnostics and treatment, biophotonics,tissue material, and critical emergency, and noteworthy Internationalrecognition for achievements in reproductive medicine and rare diseasescreening. International standards have been reached in areas such asimmunology, cardiovascular medicine, infertility, dermatology, ophthalmology,orthopedics, development of various types of minimally invasive surgery androbotic arms, and established research environments for clinical trials. NTUHhas also refined its clinical treatment guidelines, including new standards ofmanagement of spontaneous pneumothorax patients and the novel treatmentstrategy for Helicobacter pylori infectron.

Funding for various medicalresearches are provided by several organizations in means of support forattending conferences, seminars and workshops.

Taiwan’s Tourism:

Taiwan is an oasis onCancer's tropic. In 2019, let's discover this HIDDEN GEM OF ASIA together.Taiwan was highly praised by the internally known travel writer David Code,saying that the island “is a hugely underrated gem of Asia, and any time youspend here will be richly rewarded”.

Taiwan, as an islandcountry, will continue its vigorous efforts to promote tourism andoffshore-island exploration this year by initiating the “2018 Year of BayTourism” program. Under this initiative, Turtle Island, Green Island, OrchidIsland, Little Liuqiu, Qimei, Yuweng (Xiyu), Jibei, Little Kinmen (Lieyu),Beigan, and Dongju will be highlighted in the “Explore 10 Islands of Taiwan”brand, with in-depth experiential activities for all four seasons featuringwhale and dolphin watching, seafood dining, lighthouse visits, and smallfishing village tours. The tourists will not miss the incomparably richexperiences offered by these activities.

Further, the 2018 annual meetingof the Club of the Most Wonderful Bays in the World will be held in Penghu,drawing the attention of bay lovers from all over the world. Taiwan’s diversityof regional tourist attractions, each with its own unique characteristics, iswell worth the visit!

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