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Hong Kong is special administrative region on southern china. Hong Kong is a part of china with a different currency. Hong Kong is known the globe over as a glamourous town and a high selection for luxury shopping. But this city-state is steeped in culture and history, and contains a lot more to offer than savoury cuisine and a formidable skyline.

Due to its geographics and relationship with China, Hong Kong attracts the world as a gateway to clinical research in China. Providing glorious infrastructure and well-established analysis institutes has garnered urban center official recognition as a location to conduct clinical trials for drug registration in China.




Combining Science Park, Inno Centre, and Industrial Estates the statutory body HKSTP continues to make a powerful innovation and technology system. Since its institution in might 2001, HKSTP has been a regional hub for growth and innovation in several clusters, including the biomedical technology.

Two medical colleges (with clinical test centers of their own) and over eighty medical specialty technology enterprises at HKSTP additionally function a biotech hub for clinical trials in urban centers and across Asia.

Hong Kong is one among the foremost spectacular cities within the world, certainly, however there is far more here than meets the attention. 

For all the reasons Allied Academies are organizing medical science and technology conferences and summit to gather all the knowledge from whole over the World to improve the research network and technology.

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