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EEE & Engineering:

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Engineering is the building process of scientific products by applied to science and mathematics. It’s a combination of scientific and mathematical rules.

Electrical engineering is the process of design, study, and manufacture of various and an electronic system like Generators, Motors, Electromagnetic Devices, and applied in Instrumentation Controls. EEE is the core field such as communication, Electrical machine, Power system, control system, Signal processing, Micro Processors and Micro Controllers, Power Generation and Electrical Machine.


In a Power and Energy Sector facing many complications to store high voltage power. It’s very difficult to maintain the electrical components from the damages. Another big issue is to transfer the power from one place to another by wire, which leads to a lot of loss of power during the transmission. A lot of researches and innovations are going on Power generation and transmission systems to minimize the loss.

The application over obtaining, storing and using power are engineering challenges, that can be achieved by research and development departments over in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Now the trend in electricity management facing difficulties over saving energy and transfer that produced energy with minimal loss, which includes smart grids, large-capacity batteries, Nanowire Batteries, and Wireless Power transfer.

In power storage into the batteries used in the vehicles to enable the environment green. Nowadays many researches going on photovoltaic cells to store more power in a compact design.

Another field of Wireless sensors that ruled every wireless device and gadget, even a power also transmitted via sensors. Also used in the wireless wearable devices and virtual reality for more interactive to feel the reality. In wireless communication also we are transmitting high frequency to enable fast delivery of data.

In the field of circuit design which responsible for design circuits for Digital Devices, Memory storage devices, Industrial robots.

EEE is the filed more responsible to design the Architecture for microprocessors and memory units. In memory device manufacturing boomed in the last few years. Currently, Storage is important in handling huge amounts of data.

EEE conference is the solution to overcome the global issue in the area of EEE by assembling Researchers, Professors, Industries People, and techies, that will enable a better platform for discussing the latest invention. It will ensure and encourages the researches, invention, and collaboration of expertise people in the field of EEE.

The EEE Conference is the gateway to meet the Global Inspiring Speakers and Experts to discuss new trends in Electrical and Electronics to improve power management, Electrical Devices, Telecommunication, Microprocessors, and Microcontrollers.

Allied Academies conferences aims to collaborate with the people from both academic and industry background people to ensure recognition for their researches and innovation.

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