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The Czech Republichas a long tradition of high-quality research and education, particularly inthe field of science, engineering,Pharmaand medicine. Educationsystem in the Czech Republic is compulsory for 9 years while the average numberof years of education is 13.1. Students from all over the world are drawn tothe Czech Republic for its excellent education system. Czech universities areamong some of the most popular in the world, approximately 311,000 students,43,000 of which are international students. And also, it has a relatively equaleducational system in comparison with other countries in Europe. 


Byinternational standards, the healthcare services in Czech Republic is very excellentin terms of availability of treatment and quality. However, the increasing costof healthcare is one of the main issues facing the Czech Republic. Czechscontinue to be heavy smokers and so the most common cause of death is circulatorysystem diseases (heart disease, stroke, etc.).

Since2005, the number of hospitals in Czechia has remained stable. In 2005, therewere 262 hospitals, which is the highest number of hospitals never dropped bymore than four percent. The number of healthcare workers in the period 2000 to2017 has increased by almost 90 thousand and the number of practicing nursesincreased by around eight thousand since the year 2000.

TheCzech Republic is recognized as a popular destination for medical tourism. Itis known for reasonably priced quality treatment. Aesthetic medicineprocedures, IVD treatment, obesity treatment, and gynaecological procedures arein the highest demand. The overall climate in CzechRepublic is moderate, and all four seasons occur here. The average temperaturesrun from a low of -4 degrees C in January to a high of 24 degrees C in July.Locations near the border mountain ranges are much colder.

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