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“Listen the rhythm, before it pauses”

The Cardiology series of Allied Academies Conferences and its associated journals coordinate welcome the knowledge seekers to immerse themselves in the emerging field of Cardiology. We at Allied Academies, always have the extreme prospective of covering the expansive range of topics in cardiology. The growing enthusiasm for the various fragments of Cardiology and CardiacSurgery has accelerated the Novel Insights of the clinical experiments and the topical comprehensive medication in Cardiological Disorders.


“Does your Heart beats for your Brain and Blood?” 90% of theclinical study has suggested “An Improper Heart Rhythm prior indication of apre mature Heart Failure “.

Outrageous threats like ischemic heart disease,cardiomyopathy, valvular heart disease, vascular disease, hypertension,arrhythmia, congenital heart disease, pharmacological and non-pharmacologicaltreatment of cardiological disease, new diagnostic and Lifesaving techniquesand cardiovascular imaging are the key prospects of the Cardiology Conferencesat Allied Academies Conferences.

The mainframe of Cardiology Conferences is to bring the opportunity to theglobal cardiologists, cardiacsurgeons and researchers to deliver the newer and advance medicalapproaches for the purpose of endeavouring in spreading technical and researchadvances in the clinical, diagnostic and physiological aspects of cardiology.

Each of our Conferences have crammed with Pre ConferenceWorkshop, followed by Keynote Presentation, Oral Presentation, PosterPresentation, and Young Researchers Forum.

We value your time and commitments towards your profession.And it helps us to promote the Video Presentation session and E-Poster sessionfor the Committed Professionals over time and Venue.

Coming to the scope of the cardiology sector, according to anew report the global cardiology market size was valued at USD 116.9 billion in2017 and is expecting a growth of 7.4% over the determined forecast time periodof 2018-2023. Raising of the generality of Congenital Heart Disease and thepresence of technologically advanced cardiac surgery and valves, grafts, &patches are among the fundamental factors expected to drive over the estimatetime frame.

Another WHO report in May 2018, the mortality rate of thepopulation in Japan, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia is due to the increase incardiology diseases. With new drugs and devices entering the market, there israpid innovation in the global cardiology therapeutics market. Diabetes isconsidered one of the leading factors to the current cardiovascular diseaseepidemic, according to a recent report on cardiology market research experts.The growing number of chronic diseases such as diabetes is the major sectionleading to the growth of the cardiology failure market. There will be anexpected growth in the cardiology market in the upcoming years due to thepotential breakthrough of newly authorized drugs in the world market.

The AlliedAcademies Conferences are working boundlessly to deliver the cardiologicscientific progression in an ultimately different level; the world has neverapproached before. So once again we are welcoming all to participants to attendCardiology Conferencesand witness the scientific Evolution in Cardiological medication.

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