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Brazil being the largest country in South America and 5th largest in the world, is an incredibly diverse country, in people with rich culture and magnificent landscapes—from the famous summer carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Olinda, and Recife to the wild power of nature in the Amazon and Iguaçu Falls. The bustling cities, laid-back beaches, and traditional lifestyles, often right next to each other, the country has it all. It is the longest country in the world and has the largest beach in its territory.

Among the most popular tourist attractions in Brazil are the Amazon Rainforest, beaches and dunes in the Northeast Region, the Pantanal , the beautiful beaches at Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, cultural and historic tourism in Minas Gerais and business trips to São Paulo city.


Brazil is the 13thlargest publisher of researchglobally and its output is increasing. The majority of the researchesresult from the research and development (R&D) conducted at publicly fundeduniversities and fostering systems and institutions and for over 20 years therehave been annual increases in the number of publications of the Brazilian research papersindicating an expansion in productive research by the academic sector. We canassess the extent to which Brazilian researchers have published veryhigh-impact research. This is done by analysing the percentage of Brazilianpapers in the world’s top 1% and top 10% of most highly cited papers.

Brazil’s government is keen on transforming the country’s ability to usescience and technology for development of the economy. The number of PhDsgranted in a year has grown to more than 6,000. Sao Paulo has a strategicapproach towards science and technology and is committed to its universities,academic institutions and science funding. The support and encouragementinclude creation of an environment that favours launch of high-tech companies,support for research centers and attracting foreign industrial investment.  These units will not only foster commercialspinoffs but also deliver supreme quality science. Brazilian economy is one ofthe fastest growing and major economies in the world and its economic reformsgives the country an international recognition and influence in the globe.

Few of the Top Universities in Brazil are:

  •          University of São Paulo
  •          University of Campinas
  •          Federal University of Minas Gerais
  •          Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  •          Federal University of Santa Catarina
  •          University of Brasília
  •          São Paulo State University
  •          UNICAMP State University of Campinas

List of Universities

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