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Austria is a landlocked country with 8.7 million residents in Central Europe. It is a representative democracy of the legislature. With a population of over 1.8 million, Vienna is the capital of Austria and largest city. Austria has one of the world's best healthcare systems, with international access to medical services exemplary. Simultaneously, the high cost rates of the last few years and the way competences are divided for different parts of the medical system represent major challenges. The federal government, the Lands and social insurance agencies decided to overhaul the Austrian health care system to ensure optimal framework for healthcare provision and more facilities to future generations. The transformation plan has a clear objective: patient well-being.


The Austrian Government considers RTI to be a driving force for a lasting increase in the company's performance and competitive potential. A major contribution to solving the social challenges while guaranteeing competitiveness, economic growth and employment is the research carried out in Austria's universities, research centres, small-and medium-term companies and industry.

The Ministry of Science and Research (BMFW), the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (MBTIT), and the Minister of Economics, Family and Youth (BMWFJ), are the three Federal Ministries that are responsible for research and technology policies in Austria. The Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the FRP and Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) are the main agencies that, on behalf of the ministries, are responsible for managing financing for basic and applied research, growth and innovation.

International Organizations in Vienna        

Vienna is an important location in the heart of Europe, where a large number of international organizations and non-governmental organizations can be represented. Many international organizations have lived since 23 August 1979 in the impressive modern setting of the Vienna International Centre (VIC). During regular guided tours, visitors can learn about UN work and experience the striking architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the VIC at the Vienna International Centre.

Tourist Attraction:

Austria, one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations, attracts tourists year-round with places to visit. Winter is almost as busy as summer in the stunning mountain regions with some of Europe's best skiing. The scenic beauty of these Alpine provinces is drawing tourists as much as magnificent towns, such as Wien, the ancient home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and stunning Salzburg. One of the least developed countries of Europe, Austria is mainly a nation of highland and mountainous areas, with good 60% of its territory occupied by the Eastern Alps. The Danube River runs from west to east for about three hundred kilometres through the northern part of the country.

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