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Agriculture, Food and Aquaculture Conferences:

Meet the Global Inspiring Experts and Speakers at Allied Academies Conferences to talk about new advancements & innovations in the field of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Food Technology. This academic occasion is to revitalize the enduring connections and flash with new peers around the globe. Our International Conferences platform is not just to make a phase for exchange of information’s, but also endeavor to spread focused and research advances in various fields of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Food Technology


Agriculture Conferences: Agriculture has been the source of livelihood for millions of people in the world and has been the basic source of food for mankind. So every investment and effort in the field strives to feed the unfed and hungry. Various advancements and innovations in the field have helped provide farmers with tools and resources to make agriculture more sustainable. Hence, new technologies have given rise to innovations like Soil and Water Sensors, Weather Tracking, Satellite Imaging, Pervasive Automation, Minichromosomal Technology, RFID Technology, Vertical Farming, etc. 

Aquaculture Conferences: Aquaculture has a prominent role in eradicating hunger and poverty in many developing countries including sub-Saharan Africa. Aquaculture has a major contribution to food security in many parts of the world. There are around 840 million people who lack adequate Food access and the population growth would be resulting the more food insecurity leads to the Food scarcity to lead a normal healthy lifestyle. Aquaculture leads can meet this food insecurity with its abundant protein, essential micronutrients and can potentially eradicate human diseases.

The Aqua Conference is to evolve the techniques in the aquaculture field and to truncate the impediment in the process of culture. The predominant purpose of the conference is to establish germane research and development in the aquaculture field. Join the conference to manifest about the aqua farming.

Food Technology: Food Technology is a train of sustenance science. All the more fittingly it is a multidisciplinary subject including food engineeringfood manufacturingfood processingfood packaging and food preservation. The food technologists think about the substance, physical and microbiological cosmetics of the nourishment. The sustenance innovation gathering try to meet the huge names far and wide to come down to a typical place, share a typical platform and broaden their insight among future scientists, business visionaries and additionally the ranchers who dedicate their work and time to give nourishment to the whole world. Nourishment meeting additionally gives a premium interdisciplinary stage to develop a system from the grass root to the apical best among the general population associated to sustenance science.

Complying with the need of the hour, Allied Academies’ international conferences provide the perfect forum for researchers from all over the world to meet, network and discuss the most critical issues and cutting edge solutions in Agriculture, Aquaculture and Food technologies. Each conference is an amalgamation of conventional and contemporary technologies, designed to speculate novel methodologies and techniques for the betterment of humanity.

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