Institute of Stem Cell/Translational Cancer Research, CGMH
Hsinchu, Taiwan
The Institute of Stem Cell and Translational Cancer Research (ISCTCR) was established in Dec 2013 and is located in the 5J of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH), Linkou. ISCTCR are organized by two Distinguished Chair Professors, John Yu, M.D., Ph.D. and Alice Yu, M.D., Ph.D. who are outstanding scientists in stem cell biology and translational cancer research, respectively. This Institute has assembled a team of investigators who have expertise complementary to each other and conducive for a cohesive, interrelated team work, in order to garner a better understanding of stem cells and cancer, and translate to regenerative medicine and cancer therapy. The Institute also uses innovative technology platforms such as glycomics/glycoproteomics, phosphoproteomics, high sensitivity liquid chromato-graphy-mass spectrometry, and state of the art tumor immunology, to facilitate interdisciplinary and collaborative research for the identification of unique markers and regulators for stem cells and cancer including cancer stem cells (CSCs). By integrating scientific discoveries with clinical resources of CGMH at Linkou, ISCTCR aims to develop new diagnostic tools and novel therapeutic strategies for cancer with a future perspective to play a more critical role in the development of biomedical research and industry in Taiwan.


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