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Yong Li
The University of Texas
Dr. Yong Li is an Associate Professor within the Center Stem Cell for Regenerative Medicine, and Center for Tissue Engineering and Aging Research at the Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM), UT Health. He also is appointed as an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatric and Orthopedic Surgery, and Internal Medicine, UTHealth. Dr. Li accomplished his MD and Ph.D. training in China and was a general surgeon before he went to London of the United Kingdom in 1997. His first research career as a post-doctor fellow trained in Imperial College School of Medicine in the UK (1997-1999), and later as a postdoctoral research associate in Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. He was promoted to a research assistant professor in 2002, assistant professor in 2004 (within a tenure-track system in 2006), and led his research team approach success in the field of adult stem cell, environmental motivation, anti-fibrosis in regeneration medicine. These projects also include the enlargement and application of adult stem cells (muscle and skin) to repair traumatic injury (muscle, tendon, spinal cord and brain) and congenital diseases. His academic career includes more than 100 peer-reviewed publications; over seven millions’ grant funding from NIH and DOD; over 50 training fellows and students; more than 28 national or international awards; over 30 times grant reviewer or panelist; service 10 journals’ editor boards; more than 50 times’ lecture in the conferences or seminars and 160 times of posters presentation in conferences.
Research Interests
His research in Children’s Regenerative Medicine, Dedifferentiation and Stem Cell Populations, Adult Embryonic Potential Stem Cells and Application, Fibrosis and Prevention Studies, Combination of mammalian cells with amphibian cells to investigate the potential of tissue/organ regeneration process in the Newt model and the mechanisms

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