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Takehiko Fujino
Kyusu University
Takehiko Fujino, Internal Medicine MD, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Kyushu University He graduated from Medical School of Kyushu University, Japan, in 1964. He is strongly interested in the integrated medicine, especially in the correlation between brain and other organs although his specialty was initially cardiology of internal medicine. He advocated a new concept “Brain Fatigue”, from which many kinds of diseases might be induced, and developed “BOOCS: Brain-Oriented Oneself-Care System”, a new method for removal of “Brain Fatigue” in 1994. It has been known that many kinds of disorders such as metabolic syndrome, depression and dementia were improved and then the death rate of those patients decreased by “BOOCS” method. As one of those researches, he has studied the correlation between plasmalogen and “Brain Fatigue".
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Integrated Medicine

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