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Stuart Maudsley
Universiteit Antwerpen
Stuart Maudsley has been recognized as a visionary pioneer in science (both physical and biomedical) from childhood where his work was publicized on the national television program ‘The Power Game’ – a U.K. wide engineering Olympiad. Stuart has been subsequently awarded and recognized throughout his career as both an intellectual innovator and as an excellent scientist. Stuart’s primary contribution to science is in the field of receptor systems biology and pharmacotherapeutics design – within this field Stuart is one of the world’s leading young Investigators. Stuart graduated from the University of Leeds with First Class Honors in Pharmacology and was awarded the Pfizer Prize for undergraduate research. For his doctoral work Stuart was one of only 6 recipients (from a University population of 40,000) of the Universities venerated ‘Named Scholarships’, i.e. the Ackroyd, Brotherton and Brown Scholarship. After gaining his Ph.D. in Receptor Pharmacology, he was then awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship Award to train with Professor Robert Lefkowitz (2012 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) at Duke University. Following this fellowship Stuart was instantly recruited to be Principal Investigator of the Receptor Biology Section at the Medical Research Council (MRC) -Human Reproductive Sciences Unit at the University of Edinburgh. During his time at the MRC his drug discovery and development abilities was implicit in his recruitment as a scientific advisor to Ardana Bioscience Inc. where he subsequently developed a novel prostate cancer therapeutic. To broaden his already considerable biomedical experience Stuart then accepted the position of Head of the Receptor Pharmacology Unit at the National Institutes of Health (NIH-National Institute on Aging) at the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center.
As a Speaker
International Conference on Chemistry in Drug Discovery & Designing
Conference Track Name : Drug Discovery and Development | Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) | Medicinal Chemistry in Modern Drug Discovery | Drug Metabolism and Drug Designing
Title : null
Research Interests
Biomedical Research,Molecular Genetics

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