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Steen Honore Hansen
University of Copenhagen
Steen Honoré Hansen obtained his degree in pharmacy from The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy in Copenhagen, Denmark. After graduation he worked for four years in a department for analytical chemical research at Dumex Ltd, Copenhagen. In 1975 he came to the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Dept of Organic Chemistry as an assistant professor. In 1977 he became an associate professor in Analytical Chemistry of which he became full professor in 1993. He obtained his D.Sc. degree in separation science in 1990 and he is now at the group of analytical biosciences, Department of Pharmacy, The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. His main research interests are within basic separation sciences (primarily HPLC and CE) in particular on separation mechanisms but also extended into hyphenated techniques using MS, NMR and ICP-MS besides conventional detection techniques. New techniques and methods are applied in bioanalysis and in drug metabolism. In drug metabolism focus has been on reactive drug metabolites and their possible role in idiosyncratic reactions. His is the author or co-author of more than 330 papers in international peer-review journals. For 20 years he was the President of the Scandinavien Section of The Chromatographic Discussion Group until this was changed into the Separation Sciences Foundation. He has been involved in the arrangement of a major number of national and international conferences, lately as the chair of the 26th International Symposium in Chromatography. His has been involved in administrative duties as the Head of Department of Chemistry for three years and Head of Dept. of Analytical Chemistry for six years. Furthermore his has been a member of the Board as well as of the Board of Research for the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy.
Research Interests
Drug metabolism, Pharmaceutical Research,Drug Research

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