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Sibyl Pien
Owner Affect2u
Sibyl Pien completed her Master in Clinical Psychology at the University of Ghent (Belgium, 1995). She has worked in the addiction field for 25 years. From 1995-2006 Sibyl worked in a regular clinic in Belgium which treated mainly heroin addicts. Sibyl has since 2007 worked as an independent clinic psychologist for a private 12 Steps Minnesota Model clinic in Holland, in co-operation with 12 Steps rehabs in South Africa. In 2012 she started Affect2u, a 12 Steps private practice in Antwerp, which co-operated with rehabs in South Africa. Meanwhile, she worked for several 12 Steps rehabs in Holland and wrote columns on ‘Codependency’ for 4 years for a Dutch magazine which was focused on addiction. In 2014 Affect2u evolved to a Safe House with 5 beds. By 2017 Affect2u had grown to become a professional 16-bed rehab with Primary and Secondary Care capacities and an international staffing contingent. The core business of Affect2u is the professional treatment of the addict and the family, as ‘addiction is a family disease’. In 2020 Sibyl intends to publish her book on families and addiction.
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