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Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin
Columbia University
New York
Dr. Sheinfeld Gorin received her masters degree from The University of Michigan and her doctoral degree from a joint program of The University of Pennsylvania and Bryn Mawr College. She has published and presented 150 refereed papers and one new book in the general areas of mental health and health policy and organizational processes, research methodology, and preventive health interventions, including topics such as the adoption and use of innovations in community mental health, evaluations of interventions for youths with conduct disorders; and the assessment of policies and preventive programs in tobacco control. Her most recent research and publications have concerned the development and evaluation of interventions for women at high risk for breast cancer. Dr. Sheinfeld Gorin has been recognized for her contributions to science by the American Evaluation Research Society, the National Institute of Mental Health and the University of Michigan and has received federal, state and foundation research grants in each of her areas of interests. In addition to her varied faculty posts, she has headed the research department of a 10,000 employee insurance company, as well as the evaluation units of two community mental health centers. She maintains an active international consulting practice, including a scientist post with The World Health Organization in Lyons, France.
International Conference on Infectious Diseases & Primary Healthcare
Research Interests
Health and Social Behavior

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