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Ryan Moseley
Cardiff University
Ryan Moseley graduated from Swansea University with a BSc (Honours) Degree in Biochemistry in 1991. Later, he obtained his PhD from the School of Dentistry, University of Wales College of Medicine in 1996, examining the role of oxidative stress in periodontal disease. In 2008, Dr Moseley was appointed Lecturer in Tissue Repair Director of the CITER MSc Programme in Tissue Engineering at Cardiff University, being promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2012 and to Reader in 2017. Dr Moseley’s research focus on the mechanisms underlying cellular wound healing responses in dermal (normal skin, chronic wound, keloid and hypertrophic scar) and oral (oral mucosa, bone, dental pulp) tissues during health and disease. By understanding these mechanisms, his Research Group aims to develop stem cell-, biomaterial- and pharmaceutical-based strategies to address impaired healing in these tissues. Funding bodies worldwide have supported Dr Moseley’s research (>£2M awarded to date), including the MRC, NHMRC and Wellcome Trust, culminating in numerous published papers, filed patents with industrial partners in the dermal wound-healing sector (Convatec, Systagenix Wound Management, Peplin/LEO Pharma, QBiotics); and many conference prizes and awards.
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