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Robert G Harrington
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Robert G. Harrington has been a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Kansas for the past 38 years. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in School Psychology. He has worked as a school psychologist in Iowa and has worked as a high school teacher in the Boston area. He has served as the President of the Trainers of School Psychologists. He has been elected three times as President of the Association for Educational and Psychological Research in Kansas. He has been elected two times as the President of the Trainers of School Psychologists. Currently, Professor Harrington is teaching in the Development and Learning Program in the EPSY Department and also has taught in the Professional Development School as a part of the teacher education program. His current teaching assignments are classroom assessment, human development, advanced topics in human development, classroom management, educational research methods, learning theory, and a course on bullying prevention and intervention. In the past he has taught a wide range of courses in the areas of behavior and personality assessment, intellectual assessment, ethics, preschool assessment and social skills development for students with ADHD or ODD among many other courses in the area of psychological assessment. He is in no way currently affiliated with the school psychology program at KU but still enjoys getting regular questions about school psychology practice and classroom assessment from public school personnel who want a knowledgeable expert in school psychology. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous national and international conferences in teacher education as well as school psychology on topics related to behavior management and bullying as well as psychological assessment. He has published two books on topics related to classroom management and student behavior problems and emotional development. He is currently on the editorial board of the Administrative Issues Journal among several others. His current research on bullying is being presented and published through the Irish International Conference on Education and their related journal, Informatics. Current research interests include adult bullying in academia, bullying of public school teachers, behavior management, and positive behavioral supports. Dr. Harrington specializes in sources of stress contributing to anger and disruptive classroom behavior in school-age children, factors contributing to classroom teacher stress, best practices in early childhood school psychological services, psychological techniques with preschool children, and personality assessment.
6th International Conference on Mental Health and Psychology
5th International Conference on Mental Health and Psychology
Research Interests
Applied Psychology
Applied Psychology
Autism, Behavior Management, Positive Behavioral Supports ,Bullying, Research Methods

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