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Reza Jamshidi Rodbari
R&C Jam Catalyst Co-LTD
João Pessoa
Reza Jamshidi Rodbari is a Doctoral in Material Science and Engineering at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil. He is the Member of the board, Executive Director at R & C Jam Catalyst Industrial Group, in the sector of energy sustainability and petrochemical industry. He has contributed himself by participating in events like International Congresses on Petrochemicals and Chemical Engineering in 2013 at San Antonio and also in 2014 at Las Vegas. He was the part of the organizing committee of the World Conference and Expo on Petrochemicals and Natural Resources during 2018 at Prague. He has two books with ISBN, an International Patent in the Catalyst Area and has 35 article publications.
Research Interests
Composites, Graphene, Engineering
Composites, Graphene, Engineering

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