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R.M Amin Kreaz
Canadian cancer society
Kreaz, R. Amin has completed Ph. D in the pharmaceutical department of Szeged Medical University in Hungary. She post studied Diploma in Human Nutrition Therapy from Canada. Continued her theoretical researches on Medicines – Nutrition and diet relationships. Worked as Pharmacist Certified Trainer, Health Coach and Public Educator in different fields of Health, Nutrition, and relation to medicine. She wrote many scientific papers and articles concerning drug development using Cyclodextrins and its derivatives, and other fields. She shared many successful results on using beta cyclodextrin and its derevative with furoseminde in different labs (USA, Hungary, Egypt). She wrote over 60 articles about medicine – food mis-taking. She has been in different countries as a speaker, public educator, and workshops and coaching sessions. She is a member of The Canadian Cancer Society. She is a member of the International Union for Social Responsibility. Recently, been awarded for her excellent work concerning the society and its healthy life.
Research Interests
Cyclodextrins and its derivatives, and other fields.

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