Olga V Akopova Photo
Olga V Akopova
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Olga V Akopova has completed her PhD in 1997 and a Doctor of Sciences Degree in Biochemistry in 2016. Now she is a principal Investigator at Circulation Department of AA Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, Ukraine. Research interests: mitochondrial potassium transport; the impact of K+ transport on mitochondrial bioenergetics and metabolism; mKATP channels, their properties and cell-specific functions. She has published a number of well cited research works devoted to the study of bioenergetic and functional effects of mKATP channel opening in brain and liver mitochondria. At present her interest is focused on the study of pharmacological properties of mKATP channels and their interactions with physiological ligands. She is the author of about 35 research works indexed in MEDLINE and Scopus databases.
Research Interests
Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Bioenergetics and Metabolism

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