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Monica Berntsen
Training Brains
Monica Berntsen has a unique background that includes counseling Psychology and Neuropsychology/Cognitive Neuroscience. She carried out a PhD at the University of Essex focusing on the recording, interpretation and modulation of brain activity. She has published a few papers demonstrating the effect of tES on brain functioning. Currently she runs a private practice focusing on cognitive function and behavioural control. She works with patients who have lost function after stroke or traumatic brain injury to regain functioning and improve quality of life and with individuals suffering mental health and psychiatric conditions. The practice is a great success and provides a service to suffer of stroke and damage that is not currently available on the NHS.
As a Speaker
CPD Accredited
3rd International Conference on
Neurology and Brain Disorders
Conference Track Name : Neurological Disorders and Stroke | Brain and Neurological cancers | Alzheimer’s Disease | Brain Injury and Behavioral Issues
Title : null
Research Interests
Psychology and Neuropsychology/Cognitive Neuroscience.

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