Mok Yu-Keung, Henry Photo
Mok Yu-Keung, Henry
National University of Singapore
Henry, Yu-Keung MOK M. Phil. (CUHK), D. Phil. (Cambridge) Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences National University of Singapore
International Conference on Structural Biology and Proteomics
Research Interests
Our general interest is on the elucidation of protein structure-function relationship using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) or X-ray crystallography, particularly on proteins related to human diseases. An understanding of the role played by a protein in human disease requires a detailed picture of its three-dimensional structure and how it interacts with its target ligand as well as an appreciation of how the structure varies as a function of time due to molecular dynamics. Protein structural and dynamical data obtained will aid the design of protein mutants and subsequent activity or binding assays, as well as rational design of drug or therapeutic methods.

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