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Michael Morris
Trinity College Dublin
Michael Morris graduated from Liverpool University in 1982 (BSc and PhD). He was a post-doctoral fellow at Imperial College in London before moving to Strathclyde University as a lecturer. He then took an ICI endowed lectureship at Cardiff University for research into surface science and catalysis, which was followed by a move to ICI as a research scientist. He was appointed to a post in Materials Chemistry at UCC in 1993 and, while there, held the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry and was Head of the Department of Chemistry at the university. In 2015, he was appointed Academic Director of AMBER and Professor of Surface and Interface Engineering at the School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin. Prof. Morris's work in AMBER includes collaboration with Intel on the development of new technology for the manufacture of logic/memory circuitry. He also has several engagements with other companies based on his experience of surface engineering and materials science, e.g. DePuy (surface coatings for implant components) and Merck Millipore (new membrane materials) and also collaborates with Henkel, Alcatel Lucent and other companies. Prof. Morris is a founder of Glantreo, a SME spin-out for Cork, and maintains links in developing novel stationary phase materials for chromatography applications.
Research Interests
Within CRANN, the Morris research group focuses on the development of nanoelectronic devices which has strong links to Intel. Their work centres on the development of self-organised block copolymers for the generation of precise surface patterns which can be transferred into substrates to create novel nanodimensioned device structures. The group also uses chemical based processes for developing nanoengineered surface coatings and treatments which have superior function compared to standard materials. This expertise is the basis of important industry relationships including DePuy, (synthesis of apatite materials) and Merck Millipore (novel membrane technologies). The group has strong expertise in the solid state chemistry of lanthanide oxides and their use in catalysis, environmental mediation and electronics. Michael Morris is a founder of Glantreo, a SME spin out for Cork, and maintains links in developing novel stationary phase materials for chromatography applications.

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