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Manijeh Razeghi
Center for Quantum Devices, Northwestern University
Dr. Razeghi, currently serving as the Director of the Center for Quantum Devices, Northwestern University. She created the Graduate and Undergraduate Programs in Solid State Engineering (SSE) in the ECE Department at Northwestern University, a 12 .course curriculum and also supervised 50 PhD dissertations, 19 MS theses while at Northwestern. Currently supervises approximately 15 PhD students, Post-Docs, Visiting Researchers, and Faculty. Dr. Razeghi is a pioneer in the area of III-V compound semiconductors and optoelectronic devices from the deep ultraviolet to the far infrared spectral bands, including in particular InP and GaAs based semiconductors and devices, which were at the heart of the optical fiber telecommunication revolution of the late 20th Century and the rise of the information age. She is also an expert in quantum devices operating in the deep ultraviolet spectral band, with the demonstration of novel light-emitting diodes, photo detectors and focal plane arrays with world record characteristics. Based on her scientific research work, Dr. Razeghi is the author of 18 books and the author of 31 book chapters. She is the author or co-author of more than 1000 papers and has given more than 1000 invited and plenary talks. She holds 55 patents.
International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
Research Interests
Ultraviolet and visible devices based on III-Nitride semiconductors, aluminum-free InGaAsP/GaAs lasers emitting at 980 nm and 808 nm, antimony based high power 3-5 ?m lasers, uncooled infrared (3-16 ?m) quantum cascade lasers, quantum well infrared photodetectors (QWIP), Type-II superlattice based infrared detectors, the development of uncooled InAsSb photodetector technology, InTlAsBiSb detector technology, self assembled quantum dot devices, and nanotechnology using electron-beam lithography.
UV and Visible

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