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Kar Muthumani
The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia-USA
Kar Muthumani earned his BS, MS with honors and his PhD in Molecular Biology from the Madurai Kamaraj University, India. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Perlman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania focused on viral pathogenesis as well as DNA vaccines and immune therapies where he was also served as a Research Assistant Professorship at the Dept of Pathology and Lab Medicine. Dr. Muthumani's laboratory focuses on a) developing DNA vaccine approaches to combat emerging infectious diseases and b) Novel immune therapy approaches for cancer. His research made several important contributions in these areas including isolating a new strain of chikungunya virus, identifying host cellular targets and host interactions of HIV accessory genes, immunotherapeutic approach for tumor-associated antigens and developing novel synthetic DNA vaccine approaches for pathogens including HIV, CHIKV, MERS and Zika among others. A large percentage of this work can be characterized as translational research due to its immediate clinical relevance and some of research projects are currently being evaluated in clinical trials transformative human clinical studies (Phase I trial for MERS by WRAIR & Phase I-First-in-Man Zika Vaccine Clinical Trial). His has worked on basic immunology as well as translational science of vaccine and immunotherapy for the last 20 years and published more than 82 highly-cited peer-reviewed publications and book chapters leading to an H-index of 32. Furthermore, his work has been awarded a total of 22 patents. He has contributed as an investigator or co-investigator to several grants such as the prestigious NIH-HVDDT program grant for HIV vaccine development, a highly selective NIH Directors Translational grant for Influenza vaccine development, SRA for studying viral receptor interactions, and a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) award. Despite the time demands of his research, he remains an active collaborator including researchers from National Institute of Health (NIH), Public Health Agency of Canada, and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
Research Interests
Vaccines, HIV, CHIKV, MERS and Zika Virus Studies

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