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Istvan Mandity
Research Center for Natural Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
István M. Mándity is head of Institute of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy at the Semmelweis University (SU Budapest), Hungary. He is the head of the Artificial Transporter Momentum Research Group, Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Center for Natural Sciences, Budapest Hungary. The main focus of his research is the investigation of novel continuous flow synthesis techniques and foldamer chemistry. He is active in the utilization of green solvents and reagents for the synthesis of various useful building blocks. He is working on peptide and foldamer based artificial chloride ion transporters for the potential treatment of cystic fibrosis. His results are under exploitation. He is presently author of 45 scientific manuscripts in peer reviewed journals and books with 671 independent citation and has an H-index of 17. He is the inventor of 2 patents.
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