Hiroshi Ohrui  Photo
Hiroshi Ohrui
Yokohama University of Pharmacy, Japan
Hiroshi Ohrui received Ph. D. degree (1971) from The University of Tokyo. He Joined RIKEN (1966) and moved to Tohoku University (1981). He moved to Yokohama University of Pharmacy (2006). He worked for Dr. J. J. Fox at Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research (1972-1973) and for Dr. J. G. Moffatt at Syntex Research (1973-1974). He received several awards including Inoue Prize for Science (1991), Japan Prize for Agricultural Sciences (2004), The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry Award (2004), and Japan Academy Prize (2001). His research interests cover Organic Synthesis, Chemical Biology, and Chiral Discrimination.
Co Session Head For
CPD Accredited
Global Congress on
Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases
Research Interests
Organic Synthesis, Chemical Biology and Chiral Discrimination.
Organic Synthesis, Chemical Biology and Chiral Discrimination.

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