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Hemachand Tummala
South Dakota State University
Hemachand Tummala has had extensive training and expertise on formulation development (Pharmaceutics), immunology and biochemistry. This unique combination has enabled him to focus on interdisciplinary research to address challenges related to human and animal health. A large emphasis of his research program is focused on discovering functional biomaterials that interact with the biological system to overcome therapeutic challenges in various diseases including cancer, inflammatory diseases, and infectious diseases (vaccines). This approach had led to the discovery of novel polymer based TLR agonists and antagonists with applications in vaccines and inflammatory diseases, skin penetration peptides for transdermal delivery and functional nanoformulations to improve the pharmacokinetics of nanomedicine in cancer treatment. His discoveries led to six patent applications and are at various stages of commercialization both in animal and human health sectors. He also serves as a research consultant for several small biotech and pharma industries.
Research Interests
Discovery of Polymeric Toll-Like Receptor-4 (TLR-4) Agonists to Design a Pathogen Mimicking Vaccine Delivery System (PMVDS)

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