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Gramatiuk Svetlana
Ukraine Association of Biobank
Gramatiuk Svetlana (MD, PhD) serves as president of UAB (Ukraine Association of Biobank) that she co-founded in 2017. She was also the medical director of research of biobank at ASK-Health (2015-2016) and the Ukraine editor of the Journal of Advanced Research Biobank and Pathophysiology from 2017. Previously, Svetlana also has established and managed several biobanks in Ukraine. In addition to her unique expertise in biobanking, Svetlana also has done master of science in biobanking from Medical University Graz and has an in-depth knowledge of oncology biomarker research in the position holding a position from head of department,Medical and Research Laboratory in Hrigoriev Radiology and Oncology Institute and having completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Kharkiv National Medical University (department of pathophysiology from Kharkiv – Ukraine).
Research Interests
Her research interest lie in Biobanking, Radiology and Oncology.

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