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Dr. Wassil Nowicky
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Dr. Wassil Nowicky — Dipl. Ing., Dr. techn., DDDr. h. c., Director of “Nowicky Pharma” and President of the Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute (Vienna, Austria). Has finished his study at the Radiotechnical Faculty of the Technical University of Lviv (Ukraine) with the end of 1955 with graduation to “Diplomingeniueur” in 1960 which title was nostrificated in Austria in 1975. Dr. Wassil Nowicky became the very first scientist in the development of the anticancer protonic therapy and is the inventor of the preparation against cancer with a selective effect on basis of celandine alkaloids “NSC-631570”. He used the factor that cancer cells are more negative charged than normal cells and invented the Celandine alkaloid with a positive charge thanks to which it accumulates in cancer cells very fast. Author of over 300 scientific articles dedicated to cancer research. Dr. Wassil Nowicky is a real member of the New York Academy of Sciences, member of the European Union for applied immunology and of the American Association for scientific progress, honorary doctor of the Janka Kupala University in Hrodno, doctor “honoris causa” of the Open international university on complex medicine in Colombo, honorary member of the Austrian Society of a name od Albert Schweizer. He has received the award for merits of National guild of pharmasists of America. the award of Austrian Society of sanitary, hygiene and public health services and others.
2nd International Conference on Oncology
4th International Conference on Clinical Oncology and Pharmacology
CPD Accredited 6th World Congress on Surgical Pathology and Oncology Research
2nd International Webinar on Clinical Oncology and Pharmacology
7th World Congress on Oncology and Cancer Research
CPD Accredited
3rd Global Congress on
Cancer Science and Therapy
2nd International Conference on Gastroenterology and Digestive Disorders
Research Interests
Oncology, Gastroenterology, pancreatology,
Oncology, Gastroenterology, pancreatology,
Director of Nowicky Pharma, Gastrointestinal Cancer
Anticancer protonic therapy
Oncology, Gastroenterology, pancreatology,

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