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Dr. Carolle-Laure KPOUMIE
Industrie pharma
Dr. Carolle-Laure KPOUMIE has worked as pediatric assistant physician in pediatric’s department of faculty of medicine in Cameroon, as clinical researcher methodology, scientific writing, public health, oncology, internal medicine and continued her career in pharmaceutical industries in France. She participates in many congress with studies made in hospitals on relevant cases in the framework Studies and clinical research. She became head of department, director, head of district where she continued her research, writing of treatment protocols in different departments for common pathologies encountered in her context, managing Epidemic crisis such as cholera, meningitis, avian influenza, yellow fever and organizes campaigns on infectious diseases ,HIV, cardiovascular diseases, family planning, research on severe malaria, malnutrition in Children and participates in studies on neonatal mortality in underdeveloped countries. She work on ADR in hospital following drug administration, pharmacovigilance, vaccinovigilance, biovigilance, materiovigilance, pharmacovigilance in underdeveloped countries, articles, medical information and therapeutic safety, clinical trials, Post-marketing, and other’s studies.
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