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Dishari Ghosh
Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences
New Delhi
Dr Dishari Ghosh has completed her PhD in human Physiology from Calcutta University, India. She is the Scientist in Defence Institute of Physiology and allied Sciences, Defence Research and Development Organization, India. She has over several publications that have been cited over many times. Presently working on rapid acclimatization to high altitude in Indian Army and physiological and reproductive health of women army officers at high altitude areas And Women at high altitude. Conducted extensive field trials at high altitude of different eastern and western sector as well sea level for different projects including and laboratory experiments exposing the human subjects to Normobaric hypoxia chamber at sea level for rapid acclimatization study to established first time in India that Intermittent hypoxic exposure at sea level is found to be effective to ameliorating HA maladies and helps in rapid acclimatization of soldiers before their deployment to high altitude. Currently involved in a major project on Women at high altitude.
Research Interests
Reproductive Health of Women

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