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Diego Grando Módolo
Butantan Institute
Diego Grando Módolo has a PhD degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology, and many years of experience in production of recombinant antigens in plants and bacteria. Has his expertise in expression and characterization of recombinant vaccines, including the production of papillomavirus virus-like particles. Actually, he is working at Butantan Institute, in the Research and Development of innovative solutions in the area of animal or human health. Using his experience in biotechnology to produce biomolecules of pharmaceutical interest.
As a Speaker
Global Vaccines & Vaccination Summit & B2B
Conference Track Name : Advanced vaccine technology and engineering | Vaccine Production | DNA Vaccines | Human and Bovine Tuberculosis vaccine | Classification Vaccines | Bioinformatics in Vaccine Design | Synthetic Genomics-Based Vaccines | Profiling Immune Responses to Infection and Vaccines | New Approaches to Viral Vaccines | Measles Vaccine | The Challenge of Helminth Vaccines | Market revenue from Vaccines
Title : null
Research Interests
Development of a bovine papillomavirus VLP vaccine in bacterial host

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