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Didier Clenet
Sanofi Pasteur
Marcy l'Etoile
Didier has joined R&D Formulation & Stability platform of Sanofi-Pasteur in 2011. He focuses his work on high throughput screening formulations, stability prediction using advanced kinetics, vaccine activity – structure relationship, particulate matter in vaccines and adjuvants process optimization and physic-chemical characterization. For more than 15 years in Sanofi R&D, Didier was dedicated on physical and biophysical characterization of active ingredients, freeze-dried products and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs, ADC). He developed novel X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis tools to study polymorphism and amorphous state in solid materials. His research interests are structural characterization and aggregation state determination using a variety of biophysical techniques (light scattering, flow-imaging, DSC and thermokinetics, fluorescence and infra-red spectroscopy, …. ). Didier implemented Biophysical lab and a lab-automation platform for bioproduct formulations. He is coatching young scientists and performed courses in several Universities.
As a Speaker
Global Vaccines & Vaccination Summit & B2B
Conference Track Name : Advanced vaccine technology and engineering | Vaccine Production | DNA Vaccines | Human and Bovine Tuberculosis vaccine | Classification Vaccines | Bioinformatics in Vaccine Design | Synthetic Genomics-Based Vaccines | Profiling Immune Responses to Infection and Vaccines | New Approaches to Viral Vaccines | Measles Vaccine | The Challenge of Helminth Vaccines | Market revenue from Vaccines
Title : null
Research Interests
Stability modeling to predict vaccine shelf-life and evaluate impact of temperature excursions from the “cold chain”

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