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Conal Boyce
Century College
Conal Boyce received his Ph.D. in Chinese language and literature from Harvard in 1975. He turned to chemistry in 2003. He has published in Foundations of Chemistry and in Hyle (‘Mendeleev’s elemental ontology and its philosophical renditions in German and English’ 2019) and Chemistry Educator (‘Using ground-level microstates to assess competing versions of Group 3 constituency and felement representation’ forthcoming). An invited paper was presented at the International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry [ISPC] Conference in Boca Raton, Florida (2016). Invited paper (‘Unsung hero of the electrochemical cell — the wave front traveling near c’) presented at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education [BCCE], Grand Valley State University, Michigan (2014). Books published: The Chemistry Redemption (2010); Chinese As It Is: A 3D Sound Atlas (2010); A Calculus Oasis on the sands of trigonometry, with 86 illustrations by the author (2013).
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