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Dr. Cecaro Massimo
Italian Medical Press
Prof Cecaro Massimo (University of Teramo, Biotechnology Reproduction), Specialist Veterinarian, Master II level "Veterinary Public Health and Food Hygiene" was an External Collaborator at the Italian Ministry of Health, Roma, Office II Directorate General of Collegial Bodies for Health Protection, for a specific project on food safety communication. He is Member of EFSA's (European Food Safety Authority) Expert Database. At the age of 24 he obtained a qualification to practice as a Journalist and in 2007 he was admitted to the National Association of Medical Press (ASMI), where he currently holds the position of General Secretary and Vice President. He is Resident Member of MJA Medical Journalists’ Association (London). He has been an invited speaker, mentor and chairman at International events in the field of Public Health and Safety in Canada, US, Europe and Asia. He has been author of several scientific works in public health. He is also director in Italy of a prestigious Educational Centre for work safety and public health. He is actively involved in international projects to improve the role of mass-media in medical sciences, and awarded in Philadelphia, Valencia and Las Vegas. In 2015 he received a Special recognition by the “American Association of Public Health Veterinarians” for his active involvement in international projects specifically promoting the “One Medicine approach”
9th International Conference on Food Science & Technology
2nd International Conference on Nutraceuticals & Food Sciences
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Nutrition & Food sciences
Nutrition & Food sciences

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