Avraham Mayevsky Photo
Avraham Mayevsky
Bar-Ilan University
The functioning brain in vivo; the effects of various pathological conditions on the metabolic, ionic and electrical activities of the brain. In order to evaluate the functional state of the brain in vivo, a multi-parametric monitoring approach (MPA) was developed. The metabolic activity is monitored by a Laser Doppler flow-meter and a fiber optic surface fluorometer. The ionic homeostasis is determined by monitoring the extracellular levels of K+, Ca2+ and Na+. The electrical activities monitored are the DC steady potential (using Ag/AgCl electrodes) and electroenceph-alography. The animal is exposed to various pathological situations, such as hypoxia or ischemia, and the various responses are recorded in real time mode. The results obtained in these experiments provide significant information for a better understanding of the activities of the brain in a state of health as well as during illness.

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