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Annalisa Tirella
University of Manchester
Annalisa Tirella received her PhD in Materials for Environment and Energy from the University of Roma II developing a 3D printing system for cells and hydrogels. As Research Fellow, her research developed on engineering physiological in vitro systems using biomaterials with mechanical and physico-chemical properties similar to human tissues. She joined the University of Manchester within the Division of Pharmacy and Optometry as a Lecturer in 2014. Her research group works at the interface with multiple disciplines, with the main research areas being: manufacturing of nano/micro-technologies for drug delivery and design of (bio) engineered in vitro 3D models. She established a solid network of academic/industrial collaborations, and she recently joined the North-West Centre for Advanced Drug Delivery. Through her career, she has made significant contributions to the advancement of hydrogel manufacturing and their physical characterization, as well as use of colloidal nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery (>25 research papers with >350 citations).
Research Interests
Developing a 3D printing system for cells and hydrogels.

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