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Alexander Gorin
Swinburne University, Sarawak
Gorin graduated from Tomsk State University with a conjoint Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. He received his PhD degree in Engineering Science and a higher Doctor of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics with specialization in Thermofluids, both from the Russian Academy of Science. He has a certified academic title of Professor in ‘Thermophysics and Thermal engineering’. His teaching and research experience is about 40 years. Prof A. Gorin is working for Swinburne University of Technology from year 2011. Prior to that he worked as a Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering and Associate professor of Chemical Engineering for Curtin University Sarawak Campus to which he joined after his service for The University of Auckland from 2000 to 2003. He was working for the Russian Academy of Science and tertiary education sector in Russia from 1973 to 2000 holding positions of Head of Laboratory, Head of Division, Leading Researcher in research institutions, Vice-Director of Research & Innovation Management Office and Director of Engineering Office in the biggest regional branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and an Associate professor and a Reader in universities. He extended his experience by working as a visiting professor at the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, National Academy of Sciences (Sofia, Bulgaria) and The University of Havana (Supreme Institute of Studies) in Havana, Cuba. Professor Alexander Gorin has published about 180 scientific papers including books, book chapters, journal and conference papers and has been actively involved in teaching of about 30 engineering courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.
Research Interests
Turbulent flows, heat and mass transfer in laminar and turbulent separated flows, film flows, transport phenomena in porous media and packed beds, vortex flows and vortex technologies, thermohydrodynamics of multiphase and multicomponent systems, geothermal and solar energy, ground source heat pumps, power generation from biomass, fluidization, gasification

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