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Jacqueline London
Paris Diderot University
8th International Conference on Brain Disorders and Therapeutics
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5th World Congress on
Vaccines and Immunization
Research Interests
The research we do is both clinical and fundamental. We focus on many aspects, including the well-being of people. Thus we work on the problem of sleep from two different angles. On the one hand, apneas that are partly due to an anomaly of the oro-facial sphere and a neurological problem. We are funding a job to create a new measuring device that can be used on an outpatient basis to prevent hospitalization. On the other hand, the fragmentation of sleep, which is found in all the intellectual and pathological deficiencies of neuronal aging (Alzheimer, Parkinson for example). Eye problems are also an important research topic because trisomy 21 very often causes vision problems, which are very little taken care of. As we age, early cataracts or other ocular diseases such as glaucoma, keratocones develop. Another meaning, impacted: hearing. People with trisomy 21 have often made otitis recurring when they were children, sometimes giving them a partial deafness which requires that they can be paired and receive medical attention. Studies are also done in dermatology because they have very dry skin. Dentition is a field of research still little explored that will have to be taken into consideration. There is also a tendency to obesity. Nutrition programs exist but these must be accompanied by a sport. Life expectancy has increased significantly (about 65-70 years) because contrary to popular belief, We are also interested in the place of people with trisomy 21 in our society. It goes through school integration by allowing them to go to school. The big victory is the establishment of help with school life for children with trisomy 21 initiated by a small association "Growing up at school" and taken over by Trsiomie 21 France, which now also benefits children with an autistic syndrome . Another societal issue is the management of sexuality and contraception. This subject is still taboo and we are very late in France on this issue.
Degenerative Processes, Stress and Aging

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