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Innovations And Current Trends on Chemical Engineering
- Petro Chemistry 2020

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We are happy and honoured to welcome you all distinguished guests and delegates to the International Conference on Petro Chemical Engineering scheduled on June 08-09, 2020 through webinar.We are orchestrating a conference where industry, academia and government agencies are contributing existing mastery & collaborating to nurture subject knowledge and accelerate innovations in the field of Petro Chemical Engineering.


About Conference

The gathering during the current year will spin around the theme "Innovation and Current trade on Chemical Engineering" along these lines handing-off the most front line discoveries in the field of Petro science and Chemical Engineering. The two days meeting will be an occasion to search forward for its edifying symposiums and workshops from set up specialists of the field, remarkable keynote sessions coordinated by the best in the business. It will likewise demonstrate to be a splendid open entryway for the agents from Universities and Institutes to collaborate with the world-class analysts and an exceptional open door for organizations sharp at extending their worldwide market reach. Intrigued people can affirm their interest by enrolling for the meeting alongside their partners. Register soon and profit energizing brisk riser limits.

Targeted Audience:

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·        Professors

·        Researchers

·        Engineers

·        Faculty Members

·        Students


Session 1: Petro Chemistry and Processing Technology

Chemical obtained either directly from cracking (pyrolysis), or indirectly from chemical processing of petroleum Oil or natural gas. Mechanical biotechnology, which is frequently alluded as white biotechnology uses microorganisms and chemicals. Waste created from horticulture and ranger service and sustainable crude materials are utilized for the generation of mechanical products. It additionally adds to bringing down of ozone depleting substance emanations. Bioprocess building is a fundamental segment for fast change of bio items from the research center to an assembling scale. This makes the advantages of biotechnology on an enormous scale at a sensible expense for average folks. Bioprocess designing may incorporate crafted by mechanical, electrical, and modern architects to apply thought and learning of their spaces and procedure dependent on utilizing living cells.

Lubricant, Wax, and Grease Manufacturing Processes

·        Saturated and Unsaturated Gas Plants

·        Sweetening and Treating Process

·        Isomerisation and Polymerisation

·        Catalytic Reforming and Hydro-treating

·        Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals

·        Unit Operations and Separation Processes

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Session 2: Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering, also known as Bioprocess Engineering, is a field of study with roots stemming from chemical engineering and biological mainly deals with the design, construction, and advancement of unit processes that involve biological organisms or Organic molecules and has various applications in areas of interest such as Biofuels, Biotechnology and Water Treatment Processes.

Whereas Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that uses principals of chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, and Economics to efficiently use, produce, design, transport and transform energy and materials. The chemical Engineering works can range from the utilisation of Nano-technology and Nano-materials in the laboratory to large scale industrial processes that convert chemicals, raw materials, living cell, microorganism and, energy into useful forms and products. It is also involved in many aspects of plant design and operation, including safety and hazard assessments.

Basically both of these are the core of the conversion of any kind of raw materials into substances and products required by modern society. Chemical engineers and biochemical engineers head the research into and development of methods for large-scale production of drugs, inexpensive production of basic chemicals and fuels. Research into and development of methods for preventing and remedying environmental problems in relation to chemicals in the production, as well as research into and development of methods for sustainable chemical and biochemical energy conversion are also key fields of activity.

·        Reservoir Engineering

·        Pharmaceutical Engineering

·        Industrial Separation Techniques

·        Food Technology

·        Modern Thermodynamics

·        Mass and Photo bioreactor

·        Bioprocess engineering

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Session 3: Geology and Exploration

Geographical prospecting and investigation for oil and gas is a lot of modern and R&D exercises for topographical investigation of subsurface assets, recognizable proof of promising zones, and revelation of fields, their assessment and pre-advancement. The last goal of topographical prospecting is arrangement of subsurface assets. The primary standard of land prospecting is the far reaching topographical investigation of subsurface assets when alongside oil and gas investigation all related segments (oil gas and its piece, sulphur, uncommon metals, and so on.), probability and common sense of their generation or use are examined; hydrogeological, coal mining, designing, geographical and different examinations are performed; characteristic, climatic, financial, geographical building and monetary marker and their progressions brought about by future field improvement are broke down.

·        Exploration Strategy

·        Geophysical Methods

·        Geo hazards and Sea Bed Service

·        Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation Technique

·        Structural Development and Basin Evolution

·        Geochemistry

·        Coal Geology

·        Methods used in Petroleum Geology

Related Conference: G-NMR | Chemical Structure Model | Heterogeneous Catalyst | Trans-esterification | Biodegradable | Nano composite Films | Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes | Gasoline | Diesel | Renewable energy curtailment | Shear Zone

Session 4: Drilling and well operation

The improvement of boring wells seaward in the petrochemical business offers extra vitality assets. The fundamental toward the ocean all around bore advancement procedure isn't out and out not exactly equivalent to the rotational infiltrating strategy used for arrive based exhausting. The essential differences are the sort exhausting gear and changed procedures used to finish the exercises in an increasingly mind boggling condition. For seaward exhausting a Mechanical Properties of stable toward the ocean stage or coasting vessel from which to enter must be given. This range from ceaseless toward the ocean settled or coasting stages to ephemeral base reinforced or skimming exhausting vessels. In USA, 35% of oil is gotten through seaward advancement. The course of boring is determined by the dipole sharing examination apparatus (DSI).

·        Well Logging

·        Flaring

·        Offshore Drilling

·        Rotary Drilling

·        Land Based Drilling

·        Hydraulic fracturing

·        Oil Spill and Petroleum industry

Related Conference: Farnesol | Farnesyl acetate | Acidic mining lake | Alkanols | Sterols | Nanoparticles | Hydrocarbons | Alternative fuel | Biodegradable polymers | polyesters | Atmospheric pressure | non-thermal plasma

Session 5: Pipelines and Transportation

Pipeline transport is the transportation of products through a pipe. Fluids and gases are transported in pipelines and any synthetically steady substance can be sent through a pipeline. Pipelines exist for the vehicle of unrefined and refined oil, powers -, for example, oil, flammable gas and bio fills - and different liquids including sewage, slurry, water, and lager. Oil pipelines are produced using steel or plastic cylinders which are normally covered. The oil is travelled through the pipelines by siphon stations along the pipeline. Petroleum gas (and comparable vaporous energizes) are gently pressurized into fluids knows as Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs). Gaseous petrol pipelines are built of carbon steel. Profoundly poisonous smelling salts is hypothetically the most risky substance to be transported through long-remove pipelines, however mishaps have been uncommon. Hydrogen pipeline transport is the transportation of hydrogen through a pipe. Area warming or tele-warming frameworks utilize a system of protected funnels which transport warmed water, pressurized boiling water or some of the time steam to the client. Pipelines passing on combustible or touchy material, for example, petroleum gas or oil, present uncommon security concerns and there have been different mishaps. Pipelines can be the objective of vandalism, damage, or even psychological militant assaults. In war, pipelines are frequently the objective of military assaults. Subjects like Power and Generation of warmth, Renewable vitality by bio-framework building, Bioprocess control parameters.

·        Pipe Line Design, Laying, and Integration

·        Intelligent Pigging—Pipelines

·        Pipelines and geopolitics

·        Pipeline Flow Assurance

·        Mixing Fluid Streams

·        Gas-grid injection

·        Hazard identification

·        Spill frequency-volume

·        Benzene fate and transport

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Session 6: Online and Offline Shoring

Seaward penetrating is a mechanical procedure where a very much bore is bored underneath the seabed. It is ordinarily done so as to investigate for and in this manner remove oil which lies in shake developments underneath the seabed. Most normally, the term is utilized to depict boring exercises on the mainland. Seaward boring presents natural difficulties, both from the delivered hydrocarbons and the materials utilized during the boring operation. There are a wide range of kinds of offices from which seaward boring tasks occur. These incorporate base established penetrating apparatuses (jack up freight boats and marsh flatboats), consolidated boring and generation offices either base established or gliding stages, and profound water portable seaward boring units (MODU) including semi-submersibles and drill-ships. These are fit for working in water profundities up to 3,000 meters (9,800 ft.). In shallower waters the versatile units are tied down to the seabed, anyway in more profound water (in excess of 1,500 meters (4,900 ft.) the semi submersibles or drill-ships are kept up at the required. There are a wide range of sorts of offices from which seaward penetrating tasks occur. These incorporate base established boring apparatuses (jack up freight boats and bog canal boats), consolidated boring and creation offices either base established or skimming stages, and profound water versatile seaward penetrating units (MODU) including semi-submersibles and drill-ships. These are equipped for working in water profundities up to 3,000 meters (9,800 ft.). In shallower waters the versatile units are tied down to the seabed, anyway in more profound water (in excess of 1,500 meters (4,900 ft.) the semi submersibles or drill-ships are kept up at the required boring area utilizing dynamic situating.

·        Offshore Vessels

·        Brownfield Management

·        Rig Fleet Management

·        Offshore Field Optimization

·        Offshore Development

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Session 7: Upstream, Downstream and Midstream Integration

Upstream oil and gas tasks recognize stores, drill wells, and recoup crude materials from underground. This segment likewise incorporates related administrations, for example rig tasks; attainability thinks about activities for the most part incorporate asset transportation and capacity, for example, pipelines and social occasion frameworks. Kinder Morgan and Williams Companies are two instances of midstream firms. Downstream activities incorporate treatment facilities and showcasing. These administrations transform raw petroleum into usable items, for example, gas, fuel oils, and oil based items. Promoting administrations help move the completed items from vitality organizations to retailers or end clients. Long distance race Petroleum and Phillips 66 are two significant instances of downstream organizations.

·        Midstream/Upstream Interface Optimisation

·        Oil Refining Technologies

·        EPC Capability & Capacity

·        Transportation and Marketing Challenges

·        Target Refining and Petrochemical Integration

·        Natural-gas processing

·        Natural gas condensate

·        Hydrocarbon exploration

·        Coal bed methane

·        Streamline Simulation

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Session 8: Biopolymer Chemistry and Research

Biopolymers are polymers made by living creatures; in a manner of speaking, they are polymeric biomolecules. Since they are polymers, biopolymers contain monomeric units that are covalently joined to shape greater structures. There are three principal classes of biopolymers, requested by the monomeric units used and the structure of the biopolymer confined: polynucleotides (RNA and DNA), which are long polymers made out of in any event 13 nucleotide monomers; polypeptides, which are short polymers of amino acids; and polysaccharides, which are every now and again straight braced polymeric starch structures. Different instances of biopolymers consolidate versatile, sobering, melanin and lignin.

·        Flory–Huggins solution theory

·        Bio-based Thermosetting Polymers

·        Biopolymer Companies and Market

·        Production and Commercialization

·        Biomaterials and Biopolymers

·        Bio composite materials

·        Plastic Pollution and Waste Management

·        Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-refineries

·        Future and Scope for Biopolymers and Bio plastics

·        Cossee-Arlman mechanism

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Session 9: Catalysis and Pyrolysis

This field amalgamate aspect of natural, oregano metallic, and inorganic science. Amalgamation frames a significant segment of most projects around there. Unthinking investigation are regularly embraced to find how a sudden item is framed or to revise the presentation of a synergist framework. Since amalgamation and catalysis are fundamental, to the development of new materials, Catalysts are continuously utilized by scientists occupied in fine substance union inside Reorganization of a compound into littler and less difficult mixes, or mixes of grandiose atomic weight, under raised temperatures as a rule in the scope of 400°C to 800°C to as high as 1400°C. It varies from ignition in that it happens without air and accordingly no oxidation happens. The pyro-lytic deterioration of wood shapes countless synthetic substances. A portion of these synthetics can be utilized as substitutes for regular fuels. The dispersal of the items differs with the concoction piece of the biomass and the working conditions.

·        Kinetics and catalysis

·        Characterization of pyrolysis reaction

·        Gasification

·        Polymer Engineering

·        Environmental and green catalysis

·        Photo catalysis and Nano Catalysis

·        Karrick process

·        Spectroscopy in Catalysis

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Session 10: Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing

Mechanical biotechnology, which is frequently alluded as white biotechnology uses microorganisms and chemicals. Waste created from horticulture and ranger service and sustainable crude materials are utilized for the generation of mechanical products. It additionally adds to bringing down of ozone depleting substance emanations. Bioprocess building is a fundamental segment for fast change of bio items from the research center to an assembling scale. This makes the advantages of biotechnology on an enormous scale at a sensible expense for average folks. Bioprocess designing may incorporate crafted by mechanical, electrical, and modern architects to apply thought and learning of their spaces and procedure dependent on utilizing living cells.

·        Molecular Bio sensing, Bio robotics and Biomarkers

·        Industrial and Chemical Biotechnology

·        Petroleum Biotechnology and Green chemicals

·        Pharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology

·        Microbial Biotechnology and Food Processing

·        Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Computational Biomedicine

·        Biomaterials, Bio polymers & Biosensors

·        Biochemistry and Protein Engineering

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Session 11: Green catalysis and sustainable energy

Green science generally called as practical science, which is a piece of science and concoction building concentrated on structuring items and by limiting the age and utilization of dangerous substances .though, ecological science center around the impacts synthetics contaminating the nature, green science centres around innovative approaches to counteract pollution and by decreasing the utilization of non-inexhaustible resources. Application of Green science and its application firmly bolster the improvement of greener ideas in procedure parameters, determination of mixes and coming about ecological perspectives. Effective usage of green science research helps in examining of new and existing green science advancements are improving the ecological effects.

·        Design of Next Generation Catalysis

·        Nanotechnology and Green catalysis

·        Smart-grid technology

·        Green Chemistry in Pharmaceuticals

·        Green catalysis in Petrochemical Industries

·        Green catalysis and Pollution control

·        Enhanced geothermal system

·        Green economy

Related Conference: Renewable energy | Renewable energy curtailment | Remediation | Reaction engineering | Rheology | Solar energy | Wind energy | Environment | Electrolysis

Session 12: Gas supply and Gas Technology 

Modern gases are a gathering of gases that are explicitly made for use in a wide scope of ventures, which incorporate oil and gas, petro chemistry, synthetics, control, mining, steelmaking, metals, ecological contamination, drug, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nourishment, water, manures, atomic power, hardware and aviation. Their creation is a piece of the more extensive synthetic Industry (where modern gases are regularly observed as "forte chemicals").The main gases gave are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium and acetylene; in spite of the fact that a colossal assortment of common gases and blends are accessible in gas chambers. While most modern gases is normally just offered to other. The central gases gave are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium and acetylene; despite the fact that a colossal assortment of characteristic gases and blends are accessible in gas chambers. While most modern gas is normally just offered to other mechanical endeavours; retail offers of gas chambers and related gear to tradesmen and the overall population are accessible through gas nearby operators and regularly incorporates items, for example, expand helium, administering gases for lager barrels, welding gases and welding hardware, LPG and therapeutic oxygen.

·        Gas Conversion Technologies

·        Gas Compression

·        Sources of Supply & Demand

·        Gas Field Developments

·        Gas Storage and Transport

Related Conference: Gases | Greenhouse gas | Hydrodynamics | Laminar flow | Surface Ozone | WRF-Chem | Hydro treating | C-NMR

Session 13: Nano science and Nano chemistry

Recreation displaying is the way toward making and examining an advanced model of a physical model to foresee its exhibition in reality. Reproduction demonstrating is utilized to help specialists get whether, under what conditions, and in which ways a section could come up short and what burdens it can withstand. Reproduction displaying can likewise help anticipate liquid flow and warmth move designs. Recreation demonstrating enables originators and specialists to evade continued structure of different physical models to break down plans for new or existing parts. Before making the physical model, clients can practically examine numerous advanced models.

·        Mathematical Modelling in Chemical Engineering

·        Modelling of Bioprocesses

·        Simulation and Separation Equipment Design

·        Simulation, Optimization, Planning and Control of Processes

·        Monte Carlo Method

·        Agent-based Model

·        Individual-Based Models

·        Micro scale and Macro scale Models

Related Conference: Molding | Moulding | Molecular biology | Nanoparticle | Nanotechnology | Nanostructure | Nano materials | Tissue engineering

Session 14: Marine Science and Marine drug

The investigation of sea life, science incorporates a wide assortment of controls, for example, cosmology, organic oceanography, cell science, science, environment, geography, meteorology, atomic science, physical oceanography and zoology and the new study of marine protection science draws on numerous longstanding logical trains, for example, marine nature, biogeography, zoology, herbal science, hereditary qualities, fisheries science, humanities, financial matters and law. The marine medications which are gotten from marine life forms are known as marine medications. These marine medications are utilized since antiquated occasions. Furthermore, curiously, endless items got from the marine creatures in a few 'unrefined structures' have been generally utilized over the globe by the customary specialists for a large number of years.

·        Deep Sea Mining

·        Marine heavy metals poisoning marine toxicology

·        Fisheries Biology and Management

·        Coastal Ecology

·        Ocean Bio-geochemistry

·        Marine Geology

Related Conference: Ocean Bio-geochemistry | Cell biology | Chemical processes | Coastal Ecology | Deep Sea Mining | Marine Geology | Powder technology

Session 15: Health Environment and Safety

Environmental safety is the act of arrangements and methods that ensure that an encompassing domain, including work regions, research centers or offices, is free of perils that could make hurt an individual working in those regions. A sheltered work environment is the key component of natural wellbeing. Health and Safety (EHS) programs are so common crosswise over worldwide assembling associations, at first idea, giving a definition can feel excess and superfluous. Be that as it may, amidst developing prescribed procedures, sparkling new instruments and innovations, and a plenty of measurements to catch and examine occasions and activities Environmental Health and Safety Managers work with and for associations (private and open area) to advance great working practices for representatives.

For the most part, they watch these associations to guarantee that they agree to natural enactment regarding safety in the work environment. When they work in ecological jobs, it is tied in with guaranteeing that means are taken to shield the earth from the activities of the association, and guaranteeing that individuals are shielded from nature. The general hypothesis behind contamination anticipation is that if less risky waste is delivered there is less threat to individuals and nature. Contamination anticipation rehearses lessen squander, yet in addition improve security and diminishing transfer costs. Along these lines, contamination counteractive action is a foundation in regards to Hazardous Materials Management program.

Pollution and Environment Safety

·        Physical and Chemical hazards

·        Radiological Hazards

·        Hazardous Materials Management

·        Construction and Decommissioning

Related Conference: Safety | Physical hazard | Chemical hazard | Radiological hazard | Hazardous Materials Management | Construction | Decommissioning

Session 16: Petrochemicals in Healthcare

Petro chemistry is a procedure which looks into on the transformation of oil or raw petroleum and flammable gas into crude materials and accommodating items. Petro chemistry makes a colossal commitment to the headway achieved in the twentieth century in the fields of all inclusive social insurance and sanitation. Most of items in pharma are fabricated from synthetics and a critical number of these medications are made from oil products. Pharmaceutical compound building is a branch of Chemical Engineering that fundamentally manages the structure and development of unit activities that include natural life forms or particles, for example, bioreactors. Its applications are in the petrochemical business, sustenance and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and water treatment enterprises.

·        New Concepts and Innovations

·        Safety and Hazard Developments

·        Chemical Reaction Engineering

·        Chemical Reactors

·        Process Design and Analysis

Related Conference: Vaccine, Pharmaceuticals | Chemical Reactors | Process Design | Chemical Reaction Engineering | Chemical Analysis | Electrochemistry

Session 17: Petrochemicals and their Sub-Groups Utilization

Petrochemical industry essentially contains engineered fiber / yarn, polymers, Synthetic Rubber (elastomers), Synthetic cleanser intermediates, execution plastics and plastic handling industry. Nowadays petrochemical items pervade the whole range of day by day use things and spread pretty much every circle of life like attire, lodging, development, furniture, vehicles, family unit things, agribusiness, cultivation, water system, bundling, therapeutic machines, hardware and electrical and so forth.

Petrochemicals have assuming an indispensable job in tending to our fundamental needs in the fields of nourishment and water security, safe house, attire and materials, medicinal services, social and physical framework, data, correspondence and amusement. The push territories for the plastic business incorporate current cultivating through plasticulture, bundling for handled nourishments and customer non-durables, better performing plastics for cars and purchaser durables, framework advancement through practical plastics and inventive items for media communications and data innovation administrations area.

The future development territories in engineered filaments are in Polyester strands and yarn, and Acrylic Fibers. There is additionally significant potential for development in specialized materials including execution strands. Different nations are setting up divisions for improving the current petrochemicals innovation and research to advance improvement of new uses of polymers and plastics.

Plastic Processing Industry

Polymers to Plastic processed

Packaging of Daily used goods

Synthetic Fibers



Medical Appliances

Market Analysis Report

Importance and Scope:

Petro Chemicals 2020 directs towards addressing main issues as well as future strategies of global energy industry. This will be the biggest and most encouraging worldwide gathering where oil and gas industry experts just as leaders will come to examine and banter on different parts of the difficulties, dangers and speculation openings all through the total coordinated vitality and utilities production network. Petro Chemicals 2019 will also provide the proper business opportunities and provide an opportunity to make new decisions by meeting decision makers in the energy sector.

Petrochemical Markets gives a point by point supply, request and value gauges of the key petrochemical feedstock naphtha alongside a review of the petrochemicals advertise including ethylene, propylene, benzene, and Para-xylene. The administration likewise gives investigation on splitting financial aspects, arbitrage financial matters; refinery and petrochemical office turnarounds and their effects on provincial adjust.


Customers settle on certain choices in view of significant understanding from HIS Energy's top to bottom learning of market powers and political improvements that drive petrochemical feed stock advertise joined with profound quantitative detail and broad industry encounter.    

Previous Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Mimoun H  
The University of Boumerdes Algeria
Boumerdes, Algeria
OCM Member
Mohamed A. F. Omran
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Hogskoleringen, Norway
OCM Member
Mr Xianmin Zhou
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Dhahran , Saudi Arabia
OCM Member
Tatiana I. Novikova
Institute of Geodynamics, NOA, Greece
Athens, Greece
OCM Member
University of Carthage
Tunis, Tunisia
OCM Member
Abdeen Mustafa Omer
Energy Research Institute (ERI)
Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
OCM Member
Guido Reinhardt
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg
Pfinztal, Germany
OCM Member
Liangxing HU
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Singapore, Singapore
OCM Member
Shatha Kaduhm Abdul-Latif Muallah
Baghdad University, Iraq
Baghdad, Iraq
OCM Member
Takashiro Akitsu
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Tokyo University of Science
Shinjuku, Japan
OCM Member
Rafiq Islam
Emertec Research and Development Ltd
Vancouver, Canada
OCM Member
Dr.Sayyad Zahid Qamar
Associate Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department
Sultan Qaboos University
Ibra, Oman
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