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Welcome Message

Allied Academies cordially welcomes all the participants and contributors from worldwide to attend 7th International Conference on Internal Medicine and Primary Care scheduled on Nov 18-19, 2019 at Rome, Italy which includes prompt Keynote Presentations, Special Sessions, Workshop, Symposium, Oral talks, Poster Presentations, and Sponsors/Exhibitors. It is to spread knowledge about internal medicine and other factors relating to health to reduce the death rate because of lack of awareness among people. With people from around the world focused on getting some answers concerning internal medicine dealing with incidence, distribution and possible control of diseases, this international and interdisciplinary conference will act as a center for doctors, medical professionals, clinicians, healthcare professionals, business professionals, foundation leaders, direct service providers, policymakers, researchers, academicians, advocates and others to discuss and exchange their opinions on recent medical concepts and  brings together professionals from every generation who share a commitment to reduce the global burden of diseases.

Universities having Internal Medicine Department:

  •          Harvard University, USA
  •          Johns Hopkins University, USA
  •          University of California, USA
  •          University of Pennsylvania, USA
  •          Duke University, US
  •          Columbia University, USA
  •          University of Michigan, USA
  •          University of Washington, USA
  •          Stanford University, USA
  •          Vanderbilt University, USA
  •          Northwestern University, USA
  •          Yale University, USA
  •          Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, US
  •          University of Lowa, USA
  •          University of Texas, US 

Hospitals associated with Internal Medicine Research:

  •          Surgical hospitals
  •          Medical-surgical hospitals
  •          Maternity hospitals
  •          Children's hospitals
  •          Maternity and Children's hospitals
  •          Psychiatric hospitals
  •          Hospitals for illnesses of the thorax
  •          Oncological hospitals
  •          Ophthalmic hospitals

  •          Traumatological and rehabilitation hospitals

  •          Psycho-physical rehabilitation hospitals
  •          Geriatric and long-term care hospitals
  •          Leprological and dermatological hospitals

Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Internal Medicine and Primary Care

            Primary care is frequently viewed as a conventional job for some broad internists. Primary care includes first-contact care for individuals with an undiscovered manifestation, sign, or wellbeing concern. Primary care is a human service given by the social insurance supplier. This supplier goes about as first contact, essential purpose of proceeding with consideration for the patient inside a medicinal services framework, and directions with other expert consideration that the patient may require. Patients ordinarily get essential consideration from the essential consideration doctor. Doctors represent considerable authorities in interior prescription are called internist.

·         Primary Care for Hypertension

·         Primary Care for Angina

·         Primary Care for Diabetes

·         Primary Care for Asthma

·         Primary Care for COPD

·         Primary Care for Orthopaedic

·         Primary Care for Depression and Anxiety

·         Primary Care for back Pain

·         Primary Care for arthritis or thyroid  dysfunction

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Track 2: Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine

            Hospital Medicine is a sort of practice inside interior medication in which the clinical focus is caring about hospitalized patients. Doctors whose essential primary focus is hospital medicines are called hospitalists. The term hospitalist was first authored by Robert Wachter and Lee Goldman in 1996. Physician who is occupied with clinical consideration, educating, inquire about, or potentially administration in the field of hospital medicine are called hospitalist.

·         Endocrinology

·         Haematology

·         Gastroenterology

·         Medical oncology

·         Rheumatology

·         Nephrology

·         Dermatology

·         Neurology

·         Gynaecology

·         Ophthalmology

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Track 3: Internal Medicine and Patient Care

            Internal Medicine is the restorative trademark managing the counteractive action, recognitions and treatment of grown-up ailments. Doctors represent considerable authority in inside prescription are called internists, or in Commonwealth countries, internists are knowledgeable about the administration of patients who have multi-framework ailment forms. Internal Medicine patients are frequently genuinely infected or require complex examination; internists do a lot of their work in doctor's facilities. Internists regularly have subspecialty interests in turmoil influencing specific organs or organ frameworks. Patient Care is characterized as the administration of hospital facilities, help and staff according to the remedial and nursing needs of the patient. Internists care for restricted and walking patients and may play a broad angle in instructing and research.

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Track 4: Intensive Care Medicine

            Intensive Care Medicine is a part of solution board with the determination and organization of hazardous malady cases requiring organ bolster and obtrusive examining. Patients requiring serious consideration may propel bolster for shakiness, intense renal disappointment, respiratory trade off, deadly heart arrhythmias or the expanding impacts of numerous organ disappointment, all the more as often as possible alluded to now as different organ brokenness disorder. They may likewise be presented for intrusive examining, such like the significant hours after real medical procedure when permit excessively flimsy, making it impossible to exchange to a less seriously reviewer unit.

·         Unstable hypertension and hypotension

·         Respiratory problems in critical care

·         Acute renal failure

·         Cardiac arrhythmias

·         Multi organ dysfunction syndrome

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Track 5: Emergency Medicine

            Emergency Medicine is the restorative claim to fame including care for indistinguishable and unscheduled patient's volunteers with wounds requiring prompt therapeutic treatment. Emergency doctors are in charge of starting examinations and intercessions to research and treat patients in the intense stage including introductory revival and adjustment, organizing care with specialists from different claims to fame, and making conclusion in regards to a patient's requirement for hospital affirmation, examination and release. Emergency doctors usually practice in emergency departments, pre-healing facility settings through emergency restorative help and intensive care units.

·         Global Emergency Medicine

·         Medical Simulation

·         Digital Emergency Medicine

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Track 6: Telemedicine

            Telemedicine is the utilization of restorative data traded starting with one site then onto the next by means of electronic correspondences to enhance the patient's clinical wellbeing status. Telemedicine incorporates a developing assortment of utilizations and the administrations utilizing two-wa video, email, advanced mobile phones, remote apparatuses and alternate types of media communications innovation. Beginning more than 40 years back with showings of clinics stretching out consideration to the patients in remote regions, utilization of telemedicine has spread quickly and is presently getting to be incorporated into the on-going tasks of doctor's facilities, strength divisions, home wellbeing organizations, private doctor workplaces and in addition buyer's homes and working environments. Items and administrations that are identified with telemedicine are frequently part of a bigger speculation done by social insurance organizations in either data innovation or the conveyance of clinical consideration.

·         Patient referral services in telemedicine

·         Remote patient monitoring

·         Patients medical and health information

·         Medical education

·         Cost-effectiveness

·         Telemedicine and quality of care

·         Corporate wellness and telemedicine

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Track 7: Sports Medicine

            Doctors with exceptional information in sports medicine, is in charge of ceaseless consideration in the field of sports medicine, for upgrade of wellbeing and wellness, as well as for aversion of damage and disease. Information about extraordinary zones of medicine, for example, exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, physical rehabilitation, epidemiology, physical evaluation, injuries (treatment and prevention), and the role of exercise in advancing a healthy way of life are important to the practice of sports medicine.

·         Physical evaluation

·         Exercise physiology

·         Biomechanics

·         Injuries (treatment and prevention)

·         Nutrition

·         Psychology

·         Physical rehabilitation

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Track 8: Alternative Medicine

            Alternative medicine has been developed for notoriety and is utilized by a various people all around. The primary motto is to address the difficulties in making a more secure, economical and reasonable framework for medication and wellbeing change in human asset to have the mending impacts of medicine. It is rebranded as complimentary or integrative medicine. In the mid of nineteenth century alternative medicine usage began. The word "Alternative" was an equivalent word for hip and ground breaking. It has been joined with a wide range of societies. In the midst of this time, alternative medicine professionals got across the board nearness and began to adapt to customary medical experts.

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Track 9: Integrative Medicine

            Integrative medicine and prosperity affirms the centrality of the association among internist and patient, focuses on the individual, makes use of every single therapeutic strategy, restorative methodologies and achieve ideal mending and recuperation. Integrative medicine merges present medications with standard strategies from around the world. By uniting new medication with set up practices from other mending customs, integrative experts are better prepared treat, decrease pressure, keep up the flourishing, and redesign the flexibility of their patients.

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Track 10: Reproductive Medicine

            The part of medication managing the avoidance, finding and administration of conceptive issues is known to be reproductive medicine. The point of Reproductive Medicine is to enhance and keep up the nature of conceptive wellbeing. The information of reproductive medicine depends on regenerative life structures, endocrinology, physiology and pathology. The issues tended to in reproductive medication are sexual training family arranging, conceptive framework ailments, anti-conception medication, fruitlessness and sexual brokenness. Ovulation, pregnancy, feminine cycle, menopause and other gynecological issues are likewise surveyed under reproductive medicine.

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Track 11: Hospital Medicine and Nursing

            Nursing Professionals who are occupied with Clinical consideration, Teaching, Research, in the field of Hospital medicine and Nursing like Nurse Practitioners, Academic and Healthcare experts can share their examination.

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Track 12: Community Medicine

            Community Medicine is another part of pharmaceutical. It is additionally every now and again known as Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM), Public Health, and Community Health. All these offer shared view, i.e., expectation of ailment and progression of wellbeing. In this way, Community Medicine gives broad wellbeing administration from preventive, promotive and restorative to recovery. The essentialness of Community Medicine has been particularly accentuated from grass root to overall levels. The emphasis in community medication is on the early investigation of affliction, recognizing ecological and different risks and the counteractive action of infection in the public eye.

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Track 13: Clinical Trials

            Clinical trials are perceptions or analyses done in clinical research. It incorporates biomedical or social research examines on human members to answer particular inquiries regarding medicines, for example, novel antibodies, drugs, dietary decisions, dietary enhancements, and therapeutic gadgets. It produces information on viability and wellbeing. Clinical preliminaries are led simply after they get endorsement from the morals board of trustees in the nation. These specialists are in charge of advantage or hazard proportion of preliminary and the endorsement does not mean the treatment is protected; it is that lone the preliminary might be directed. The expense of a preliminary is reliant on various elements. The supporter for clinical preliminaries might be a pharmaceutical organization or government association or medicinal gadget organization. There are sure capacities which are important to the preliminary incorporate lab work and checking, overseen by focal lab or contracts explore association.

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Track 14: Internal Medicine and Healthcare

            Healthcare is the support or change of wellbeing by means of the determination, treatment, and avoidance of malady, sickness, damage, and other physical and mental debilitations in people. The amount and nature of numerous social insurance mediations are enhanced through the aftereffects of science, for example, progressed through the restorative model of wellbeing which centers around the annihilation of disease through conclusion and compelling treatment. Numerous essential advances have been made through health research, including biomedical research and pharmaceutical research, which frame the reason for proof based medicine and proof based practice in healthcare delivery.

  • Health care research
  • Health information technology
  • Health care financing
  • Health care administration

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Track 15: e-Health and Internal Medicine

            The cost-effective secure utilization of data and correspondence innovation in help of the health and health related fields including healthcare, health observation and health training, learning and research.

The span of mechanical advancement keeps on developing, changing every one of the businesses as it advances. In healthcare, the innovation is progressively assuming a job in all procedures, from the patient enrolment to data monitoring, from lab tests to self-care apparatuses. Gadgets like cell phones and tablets are beginning to supplant the customary checking and recording frameworks, and individuals are presently given choice for experiencing a full discussion in the protection of their own homes. Technological advancements in healthcare have added to administrations being removed from the bounds of hospital dividers and coordinating them with easy to understand, available gadgets.

  • Biotechnology in Health Care
  • M Health and Portal Technology
  • Bioinformatics in Health Care System
  • EMR and Health Informatics
  • Clinical Patient Management System

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Abstract Submission and Registration

Allied Academies, the largest Open Access Publisher, and Scientific Events Organizer, publishing more than 400 Open Access journals and organizing more than 300 scientific events per year also offers membership to students. 7th International Conference on Internal Medicine and Primary Care would like to invite speakers to submit their research for inclusion in the Internal Medicine 2019 scientific program.

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Come Let’s Bring a Transformation in the Scientific Society!!

The Young Researchers Forum offers young researchers the possibility to meet and discuss research topics and methodologies, share and develop ideas, learn from each other and gain knowledge from senior researchers.

Young Researcher Sessions are organized at the Internal Medicine 2019, to provide a unique platform for Young Researchers/Investigators for presenting the latest research projects with an in-depth analysis. Allied Academies cordially invites Young Researchers from Universities/Institutes/Industries to present a short oral presentation during the forum. These oral presentations should be of 10 minutes duration in related scientific track followed by 5 minutes question hour. Therefore, presenters are encouraged to give comprehensive and dynamic talks. Applications will be selected based on past research productivity and future promise.

Registration Details:

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Important Dates:

First Round of Abstract Submission Deadline

4th February 2019

Early Bird Registration Deadline

10th February 2019

Date of the Conference

18th – 19th Nov 2019

Market Analysis


Internal medicine physicians are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. Many internists enter into practice following completion of their basic internal medicine training.  These physicians practice “general internal medicine” and are commonly referred to as “general internists.” Some internists choose to take additional training to "subspecialize" in a more focused area of internal medicine.

 The shortage of physicians in rural and remote areas provides opportunity for internal medicine to spread its reach to millions of patients and this widespread deployment of services will continue at a rapid pace in the future as well. In the latest research study, “Global Internal Medicine Market Outlook”, the analysts have studied the complete Internal medicine industry with and presentfocus on market segmentation, government initiatives and competitive landscape. Global Internal Medicine market was valued at USD 174.14 billion in 2014. The market size of the Internal medicine is highest in exhibit their USA, which is need to be get propagated across the globe in order to develop.

Demographic representation (%)

The internal medicine market is also benefiting from changes in the insurance landscape, with more companies covering complementary and alternative medical care. One major obstacle to industry growth involves the comparatively slack condition of its regulations, and less extensive research and developing methods than in modern medicine. The degree of risk associated with internal medicine is sometimes perceived as higher, relative to more mainstream healthcare in developed countries. As we can see the market value of Internal Medicine in 2010 it was 67billion $, and due to the subsequent rise, it is expected to be 155 billion$ till 2020.

The internal Medicine market growth rate is 5-7% yearly. The market value of Internal Medicine is increasing gradually. And it is likely to increase to 17332million $ till 2018. This is a huge leap from 2014 -2018; the market value is subsequently increasing, as it is shown below in a graphical representation.


The market study doesn’t cover the market size in terms of volume. Some companies in this market are privately owned and their revenues are not available in the public domain. Hence, revenue for those companies is not included in this report. Company developments not reported in the public domain are not included in this report.

Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Dr Sergey Suchkov
Sechenov University
Moscow, Russia
OCM Member
Rabindra Nath Das
University of Burdwan
Bardhaman, India
OCM Member
Marcos Roberto Tovani Palone
University of São Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil
OCM Member
Jen-Ho Tsao
National Taiwan University
Tamsui District, Taiwan
OCM Member
Dr. Ahmed G. Hegazi
National Research Center in Egypt
cairo, Egypt
OCM Member
Dr. Judith A. Barnard
NHS Foundation Trust
York, England

Rome, Italy

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