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Drug Development Congress 2020
- Drug Development Congress 2020

Welcome Message

From June 01-02, 2020, the International Conference on Drug Discovery and Drug Development to be held in Vienna, Austria, we really welcome you to this amazing gathering with incredible researchers from around the world and sharing new achievements in drug discovery and drug development. The productive meeting program includes full addresses, breakout sessions, board exchange, blurb features on a variety of topics and various programs for members from different nations around the globe.

Drug Development Congress is one of the most important bearings for improving innovative new materials. Their properties can respond by an external condition to reversible changes in their condition. Medication Discovery helps to evacuate the boundaries between basic and practical structures that can cause a major upheaval in the advancement of drug science. Due to its essential nature, the Drug Development Congress 2020 is dedicated to providing a stage for making up a discourse between undertakings and academic associations and moving from research to industry.

Drug Development Congress 2020 aims to break the Drug Discovery and Drug Development examination for 100 + oral introductions. 200 + widely acclaimed specialists, academics, senior researchers, industry administrators and task pioneers from 40 driving nations will come together to address issues, best practices and patterns that are important in determining the right choices to manage their business systems, as well as future science and innovation. In the meantime, it offers show incentives for companies to view with Drug Discovery and advancement their products and administrations.

Drug Development Meeting is likely to unite, a multi-disciplinary gathering of researchers and specialists from all over the world to present and trade through ideas that identify with therapeutic science, sedate plan, and improve.

It advances significant levels of research and globalizes quality research in its entirety, making talks, introductions (oral and blurb) even more universally aggressive and the fundamental focus on ongoing exceptional achievements in science and therapeutic science and future patterns and needs.

Since this gathering covers worldwide parts of medication disclosure and medication advancement from a central issue to the viable use of the guideline of medication structure, no one should miss intrigued by the future advancement of medication disclosure and medication improvement.

We anticipate a phenomenal gathering with the amazing researchers from different nations and religions around the globe and sharing new and energetic outcomes in the revelation, advancement, and medication structure to be held in Vienna, Austria, from June 01-02, 2020.

Market Analysis

Focus of the Conference

·         Get to the core of why strategies for formulating and delivering fail. Search for concrete solutions to dissect the challenges.

·         Find out how market advances affect large and small molecular drugs.

·         Explore the newest drug delivery systems technologies.

·         Inspire yourself with creative case studies and understand the potential impact on your formulation and distribution processes.

·         Engage with round tables, boards, exhibits, pace networking and numerous conference tracks in the thrilling event format.

·         Share collaborative peer-to-peer round tables perspectives, observations and tactics.

·         Find out how advances in scientific formulation are being implemented in practice.

·         Explore tried and tested routes to improve bioavailability.

Science's progress has moved at an exponential rate as of late. Directly, medicinal research has become so outrageous and worldwide that numerous medicines are currently available on the planet for even lethal diseases. Solutions for these illnesses were unfathomable only a few years ago. This distinction is simply due to the progress in the pharmaceutical ventures and related research work that is still taking place.

This improvement in business and innovation leads to a sound reality in which the normal future, as indicated by the American Bureau, was 47.3 years, but now, as far as possible, it has expanded to 77.85 years, which is simply due to the logical advancement in the pharmaceutical field, which considered the new medicines and immunizations for deadly diseases. Each year, difficulties are acquiring and advances are changing, generally speaking item improvement. Perhaps this 2018 will follow the case. As stated in this market study, Drug's costs.

·         The pharmaceutical display is constantly developing. As shown by the QuintilesIMS Institute's current market survey, drug costs will uniformly add up to $1.5 trillion in 2021. This is equivalent to a normal annual development rate of 4% and 7% in therapeutic costs, or 3% in portions, somewhere. Despite political vulnerabilities in terms of general human services, the U.S. will record the largest development, while the supposed pharmaceutical markets will require about 66 percent of the total volume of medicines.

       Pharmaceuticals assumed a significant job on the worldwide market, with an estimate of around US$ 300 in 2015, and the ten major pharmaceutical organizations expanded to US$ 400 by 2018. The full market an incentive in the mechanization estimate of the worldwide inpatient and outpatient drug store was US$ 2.4 billion each in 2011, expanding as US$ 2.6 billion in 2012 and US$ 3.9 billion in 2017. This major advance was simply due to a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increase of 8%.

Topics of Interest

·         Vaccinations

·         Pharmaceutical Research & Development

·         Translational Medicine

·         Regenerative Medicine

·         Enabling Technologies

·         Structural Biology

·         Drug Delivery & Targeting

·         Anti-infective

·         Biologics

·         CNS Drug Discovery & Therapy

·         Cardiovascular Drug Discovery & Therapy

·         Oncology

·         Process Chemistry and Drug Manufacturing

·         Recent Advances in Patient Treatment and Care

·         Inflammation and Immunology

·         Pharmacogenomics

·         Protein and Peptide Sciences

·         Hot Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

·         Hot Topics in HIV Research

·         Combinatorial Chemistry

·         High-throughput Screening & Laboratory automation

·         Hot Topics in Drug Targets

·         Hot Topics in Natural Products

·         Recent Advances in Spectroscopy

·         Academic CRO/Industrial collaborations in drug discovery

·         Innovative Drug Discovery and Nanotechnology

·         Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

·         Proteomics & Bioinformatics

Who should attend?

The International Conference on Drug Discovery and Development provides a platform for scientists and experts from both industry and academia working in various drug development sub-domains ranging from FDI guidance to advanced technologies and image analysis of future pharmaceutical research context.

·         Directors, CEO’s of Organizations

·         Business Development Managers

·         Chief Scientific Officers

·         Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors

·         PhD Scholars

·         Patent Attorneys

·         Intellectual Property Attorneys

·         Investment Analysts

·         Association, Association presidents and professionals

·         Drug development and discovery companies

·         Medical technology companies

·         Universities and institutes

·         Intellectual property and legal organizations

·         Investors and financial services providers

·         Bio-clusters and incubators

·         Government and public support agencies

·         Cosmetic companies

Why to attend?

One of the world's leading international drug development and research conferences is the International Conference on Drug Discovery and Development-2020. Arjyopa Healthcare's International Conference on Drug Discovery and Development-2020 brings together scientists with broad backgrounds in drug research to explore the most intensively pursued research topics with global pharmaceutical organizations. The conference's goal and purpose is to connect fundamental and medical dimensions of recent innovation and research, FDS recommendations, etc.

The conference focuses on disease management, prevention, early diagnosis approaches, and different groups of therapeutic agents, clinical trial outcomes, new treatment strategy, medical care, and rehabilitation / reconstruction. The conference will provide an ideal platform for knowledge transfer, B2B networking and collaborations as well as a fun research meeting experience combined with social evenings.

Target Audience:

·         Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors

·         PhD Scholars

·         Graduates and Post Graduates

·         Directors, CEO’s of Organizations

·         Association, Association presidents and professionals

·         Noble laureates in Health Care and Medicine

·         Bio instruments Professionals

·         Bio-informatics Professionals

·         Software development companies

·         Research Institutes and members

·         Supply Chain companies

·         Manufacturing Companies

·         CRO and DATA management Companies

·         Training Institutes

·         Business Entrepreneur

·         Government healthcare departments, HTA’s and drug regulators

·         Digital health companies

·         Genomics and personalised medicine experts

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