About Conference

     Yeast congress 2018 promotes the free discussion between scientists working on or interested in all aspects of yeast and fungal genetics. Yeasts are unicellular fungi used in many sectors of biotechnology to make products such as beverages, foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. This meeting will examine the basic physiology and metabolism of industrial yeast strains. The potential to further exploit the natural biodiversity of yeasts to create select or create new strains for applications will also be considered. New genetic tools and approaches have opened up new possibilities for reprogramming pathways to produce novel products in yeast and there will be a particular focus on yeast cell factories.

Why to attend:

Access: Platform to access incredible speakers, experts and influencers face to face

Tips & Tactics: opportunity to grab tips and tactics from leading industrialists and eminent speakers in the fields of genomics, gene regulation, cell biology and development, evolutionary biology, fungal-host interactions and biotechnology

Energy of Like-Minded Individuals: Opportunity to share and explore your research ideas to be more productive

Networking with Peers: Chance to collaborate with global business delegates and researchers

Dias: This conference acts as a dais for introducing new ideas and approaches

Who are attending:

Professors and students from academia in the study of microbiology, mycology, zoology, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, clinical research and plant scientists as their domain. Business delegates, Directors, Managers & Business Intelligence Experts, Vice Presidents of Medical institutions and Hospitals.

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