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Thiry Damien
University of Mons
Thiry Damien got his PhD in Chemistry (“Experimental and theoretical study of the synthesis of thiol-based plasma polymers”) at the University of Mons in December 2013.Then in February 2014-January 2016 he Positioned as Post-Doc at CNRS Institute of Material in Nantes (France) in the plasma thin film group.Since February 2016 he is working as a Senior researcher at the University of Mons in the laboratory of Plasma Surface Interaction and also in charge at the University of Mons of the course “Surface Chemistry” in the framework of the Master of Chemistry.
Research Interests
Damien Thiry research activities deal with the field of plasma polymerization. The objective is to enlarge the understanding at the fundamental level of the growth mechanism of functionalized plasma polymer films. His research philosophy is based on a multidisciplinary approach combining plasma diagnostic (mass spectrometry, optical emission and FTIR spectroscopies) and thin film characterization (XPS, ToF-SIMS). Furthermore, for a detailed understanding of the numerous reactions pathways taking place in the plasma, theoretical tools (e.g. DFT) are usually employed and correlated to experimental data. The understanding gained in this topic paves the way for a more efficient use of plasma polymers in important technological applications including the fabrication of biosensor, platform for biomolecules immobilization or cell proliferation. Recently, based on the expertise gained during his post-doc position, his research also focuses on the synthesis of nano-organized functionalized plasma polymer films.

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