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Dr. Valeri Shevchenko
The World Academy of Medical Sciences
Dr. Shevchenko is the Chairman of the WAMS International Board of Biotechnology/Medical Technology, Executive Board Member of the WAMS International Medical Research Council (IMREC), Chairman of the WAMS Ukrainian Committee, Fellow of the Academy & Member of the WAMS Executive Council (WAMS Executive Board), and Academy Professor of Medicine at WAMS. Dr. Shevchenko has a MSc degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Botany Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, he is Doctor of Medicine from the Kharkov National Medical University. In 1990, together with Prof. Sjoerd Bulstr, Dr. Shevchenko initiated the Dutch - Ukrainian Program on Orthopaedic Devices and Biomaterials in Maastrict, Netherlands.
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Research Interests
Dr. Shevchenko combines his vision in translational medical science for therapeutics with extraordinarily moral values and ethics. By pushing cutting-edge biotechnology solutions with the goal of redefining how complex medical situations are treated, Dr. Shevchenko guides us as a true hero and leader at the World Academy of Medical Sciences. It is my honor to learn from him and support him on his current and future projects, as we aim to create a better world, as brothers. He has my respect and admiration always.

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