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Vahit Özmen
Istanbul University
Dr. Vahit Ozmen is Professor of Surgery in the Department of Surgery, at the Istanbul Medical Faculty of Istanbul University, and Chairman of the Breast Center, Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital. He is also a Board Member of the Turkish Cancer Institute. After graduating Istanbul Medical Faculty of Istanbul University with the first degree, Dr Ozmen completed his residency and chief residency in the Department of Surgery at the Istanbul Faculty OF Medicine, followed by a fellowship in the Department of Surgery at the Tulane University of New Orleans from 1989 to1991. He worked as a visiting professor in MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinics, USA and Tokai University, Japan for short periods. He has an honorary diplome and medal from Bulgarian Surgical Society for his efforts to promote breast health care in Bulgaria. He is a member and founder of several other international and national professional organisations, committees and expert panels. Dr. Ozmen is a reviewer and board member for numerous journals including The Breast, The Journal of American College of Surgeons, European Journal of Surgical Oncology ,International Journal of Surgical Oncology, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, and The World Journal of Surgical Oncology. He is also Editor in Chief in The European Journal of Breast Health, and Surgical Science. He has published more than 200 papers in English and Turkish in the area of breast cancer. He also received many prizes for his researches and studies. Dr.Ozmen has organized many congresses and post graduated courses for physicians, nurses and other health care providers on breast cancer. He and his colleagues were organized a breast cancer registration program including more than 20.000 breast cancer patients first time in Turkey. With the help of this program, demographics and epidemiologic data of Turkish breast cancer patients will be obtained and served for breast health( He. is Board Member of Senologic International Society for six years. He and his coleaugues founded The Breast Health Society (MEMEDER) and their project titled as “Survey on a pilot mammographic screening program in Bahcesehir, Istanbul, Turkey” was awarded and sposored by The Breast Health Global Initiative in 2008. The project was completed and published in The Breast Journal in 2011. Dr.Ozmen and other founders of The Breast Health Society started another pilot project titled as “Mammographic screening for women between 40 and 69 years old in Bahcesehir, Istanbul, Turkey” in 2008. This ten-years project (2008-2018) finished fourth round this year, 7.500 women were screened. Asymptomatic breast cancer were diagnosed in 97 women and treated with no charge. The Breast Health Society is a scientific, social, cultural, and non-profit organization (NGO) and composed of breast cancer survivors, their relatives and scientists on breast cancer epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment. It has many activities on breast cancer awareness, basic scientific projects, educational panels, and conferences.
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